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The USA Says “Suck on This”- Sends Aircraft Carrier to Yellow Sea

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 26, 2010

After the increase in tension between North and South Korea, the USA has sent an aircraft carrier to the yellow Sea to take part in military drills with the South. For a moment set aside any hatred you may for the US or its hegemony(declining)., and put this in perspective.
Think about it, Kim Jun Il has to be shitting in his commie diapers, and the south has to be happy, but the big thing is what the Chinese are thinking.
The Chinese complained some months ago about the US taking part in training exercises with the South and Ta.iwan some months ago, and the US canceled those exercises. But this time the US said ‘suck it’ and sent the ships. An aircraft carrier is a show of power and China possesses none, so its a slap in the face to them.
You may disagree, but again look at the big picture, sure the US may suck and do some pretty shitty things but it is acting like the worlds cop and as long as one country is going to do so, wouldnt you prefer it be the US or ANYONE from the west rather than China? To put it differently, look at China with her new found arrogance, her lack of regard for humanity, the environment, rights, life, the rest of the world and think- maybe its good to have this strong US presence still, can you imagine if we didint?

In this Wednesday Nov. 24, 2010 photo, the U.S. military aircraft carrier USS George Washington sets sail from Yokosuka naval base, south of Tokyo, he AP – In this Wednesday Nov. 24, 2010 photo, the U.S. military aircraft carrier USS George Washington sets …

(as of yet the chicoms are silent on the action)

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Post on the Chinese Military

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 26, 2010

This is a good article on the Chinese military, it seems timely.

Image credit:Flickr / Dan

There was an interesting take in the Wall Street Journal at the end of last week on the developing narrative of an increasingly assertive China alarming its neighbours—it also seems to be alarming its own citizens.

According to David Zweig, director of the Center on Environment, Energy and Resource Policy at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, many Chinese analysts are perplexed by what they perceive as a ‘significant shift’ in the way China’s government and military are engaging with the world.

He writes: ‘These academics are deeply concerned. Even usually nationalistic, pro-government friends are hesitant to defend current policy. And they also struggle to explain why all this is happening. Is China feeling its oats? Or is it bravado that masks feelings of insecurity?

‘In any case, the message is that for the first time in decades, Chinese foreign policy researchers see most of China’s external problems emanating from its own behavior, rather than foreign efforts to contain China’s rise.’

And it seems that even when the government is right, it’s wrong, with Zweig noting one academic he spoke with being perplexed as to why, when China had secured the release by Japan of a detained fishing vessel captain in September, it proceeded to demand an apology and allow three protests to go ahead.

This is in keeping with the points I’ve made previously on China overplaying its hand and looking at times, frankly, like a regional bully. Perhaps the most troubling point Zweig makes, and it’s one that echoes a recent piece Gordon Chang wrote for The Diplomat, is how the PLA appears increasingly to be pushing its own agenda.

As Zweig notes: ‘Chinese observers’ views of the military are also critical, and in some cases almost hostile. They all agree that the PLA has begun to act as an interest group, pushing its own agenda by having its officers appear on television, in military uniform, speaking out on foreign policy…This is a new phenomenon and one that makes civilians anxious.’

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Ho Chi Minh and France and China’s Dung

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 26, 2010

It is better to sniff France’s dung for a while than eat China’s all our lives. 405

-Ho Chi Minh originally NguyenThatThanh Attributed. Quoted in J Facouture Ho Chi-Minh.

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My Subway Friend or Free English Lesson in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 26, 2010

Is it just me, or does every china-man who has lived overseas assume that just because they have been to nirvana (any place outside of china), that we share some similarities which would draw me to them or compel me to entertain the notion of having a friendship with them.

The reason that I ask is that today a funny thing happened to me on the subway that typifies my belief as stated above.
I was on the subway, line 1, better known as the belly of the beast, and was holding on for dear life as poor little yellow men toting large orange and green bags entered our subway car. Because they were poor, all of the Chinese gave them that ‘damn you, you stinky migrant’, look and clutched their Gruci and Cooach bags firmly to their anemic breasts.

Me being a foreigner see them as one in the same, so I made room for the little men who showed their appreciation by enriching the air surrounding my head with the glorious odor of partially digested food, tofu and who knows what else. being the gracious sort I immersed my face into my hoodie looking much like a bandit of old.

The stops came and went and people cursed, shoved, karate chopped one another and got in and got out of the cart. just before reaching a main intersection , Jianguomen I believe, i felt a gentle tap upon my shoulder. turning my head, i snarled, and was greeted with the oval shaped head of one out of 1.3 billion chinese people. The man, speaking in what he thought was the Queens English, but to me sounded like that one short dork whose always on CCTV, addressed me saying something like , “Goodday sir, would you be leaving at the next stop?”

I just stared. here we are in a cattle car, bodies thrashing about, old ladies gnawing at the fingertips of old men who are grabbing the safety handle in front of them , kids screeching, men spitting, two lesbians copping a feel and this guy is trying to act like its just another day in Piccadilly Square. mumbling something between ” fk off” and “no”, I wiggle to the left, creating space for him to pass.

Remember now, i have four little Chinese farmers who are hauling all their worldly possessions on my right, to the front of me is a fat head teeming with hair, and at my two o’clock even more people. directly behind me i have half of the city of Beijing, my mobility was limited.

This guy taps me again, “ok kind sir, would you let me trade places with you?”

I’m penned in like liu Xiaobo and this guy wants me to levitate so he can get two microns closer to the door. Then it hit me, maybe this guy just wanted a ‘foreign friend’, which in China translates to free language lesson.

Remember , we’re talking about china, a place where they’ll swap cardboard for meat, just to make .0001 U$, so I put nothing past them. the guy taps me again, now asking where I’m from.

At that point i was pretty pissed, i had build up a good head of hatred for China and thinking of my next scathing post and here’s this guy ruining my day. I managed to speak into my shirt sleeve while dangling my arm from the safety rail, the whole time banging his glaces with my elbow. When we arrived at the next stop he waited for me to move, which was impossible. Sensing he would receive no free lesson for the day he shot me a bright and perky “cheerio” then somersaulted to the door and escaped the throngs of people now amassed and charging forth.

To me the whole thing felt cheesy and contrived, but that’s china. In a land where having good English can mean the difference between earning 500U$ per month versus $487 per month, these guys will do anything to talk to a foreigner.

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