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Chinese Bike Racing or

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 27, 2010

In China you have to get quick or dead when crossing the streets, they just dont respect pedestrians…. here is an example.

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Chinese Subway Photo

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 27, 2010

I dont remember why there were so many cops at this subway stop, usually they stay away.

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Reply to Comments

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 27, 2010

Sorry but I have to reply like this and thanks for commenting everyone.

HB- those little cards advertising the prostitutes are place in our doors so they are impossible to ignore.

Daniel- the post about the US warships,,,, funny line (vz unencumbered about knowledge of history), I admit more than a modicum of ignorance about history, and the post isnt the ramblings of some radical gun totin’ cowboy. I get your meaning, and Im not saying the US is perfect. We do some really horrible things to really great people, this is totally true. But think of it Daniel, you have been to China, its a great place and all, but would you want these people being the worlds police?
Im not stumping for the US to assume the role of the world peace keeper, it would be good to share that responsibility with responsible nations. But imho, after living here, this place is far from responsible, and has no morals nor ethics. Even the chinese are trying to get out.
I just think its good for someone to stick a finger in the eye of the chicoms every now and again (ie government , not people). And if it comes down to having someone ‘look after the good of the world’ whatever that means, then on my short list of countries least qualified, would be China and her friends.
I do appreciate your comment though, and if you were hinting about America and Israel, and or the Bush debacles, then I feel ya, brother. If you were going much farther back then Vietnam, then as you’ve stated, my world view may be less than perfect.


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Dont Dilly Dally with the Da.li- Revenge in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 27, 2010

Great article here, it says that in essence, if a country meets wiht the DL, their exports to china are reduced for the next two years, basically amounting to a punishment for their transgressions..

“The cost of upsetting the feelings of the Chinese people- November 4, 2010: How much business do you lose if you allow the Dalai Lama to visit?
By Malcolm Moore

Foreign governments who allow the Dalai Lama to visit are often accused of “hurting the feelings of the Chinese people”.

China has repeatedly warned foreign heads of state not to meet the Dalai Lama, with Zhu Weiqun, the executive deputy head of the Communist party’s United Front Work Department, saying: “We will take corresponding measures to make the relevant countries realise their mistakes.”

Now, for the first time, two economists at the Georg August University of Goettingen in Germany have calculated the price that you pay for upsetting China’s feelings.

In a research paper that crunches the figures on exports to China, and then correlates them with the map of the Dalai Lama’s state visits, the two economists find that a country’s exports to China fall by around 12.5% for around two years after its leader meets the Dalai Lama.

“Since China is neither a democracy, nor a free market economy, its administration has greater capacity to impact on trading decisions than the government in a democratic free market economy. Such significant scope for government intervention thus gives leeway for the utilization of trade flows as foreign policy tool,” the two economists conclude.

The worst hit sector is “machinery and transport equipment”, which is the only product group with a consistent negative effect of Dalai Lama meetings on exports. This makes sense. Just about the only thing that China buys in bulk from Europe, which is the most frequent destination for his Holiness, is advanced machinery. And of course, with France, Germany and the UK all vying to sell engineering to China, the Chinese can switch to other suppliers with no negative effect.

The economists say that the Dalai Lama effect on trade is limited to the Hu Jintao era (2002-2008, when they last have trade figs). “We find at best weak evidence to support the existence of such an effect in earlier years.”

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Here is what James Madison Had to Say About China ‘Back in the Day’

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 27, 2010

Read this, it seems as if China has always been a moral disaster…

“What becomes of the surplus of human life?
It is either, 1st destroyed by infanticide,
as among the Chinese and Lacedemonians; or
2nd it is stifled or starved,
as among other nations whose population is
commensurate to its food; or
3rd it is consumed by wars and endemic diseases; or
4th it overflows, by emigration, to places where
a surplus of food is attainable.”
-James Madison

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China Cracks Down on Internet Porn- Leaves “Take Out Hookers” Undisturbed

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 27, 2010

‘Take out hookers’-wtf?

Ok let me explain this one. Take a glance at the photo, go ahead, I can wait.
….. me waiting…

Ok its a crappy photo but you get the point. Those are business cards of local hookers, on them are phone numbers and rates. These cards are delivered to the doors of everyone in China on a daily basis. While we are at work, pimps or their workers drop off these cards which advertise sexual services delivered to your home for a small fee. These guys dont even couch their services as ‘massages’. You call, order a woman and for about 250-300RMB , she shows up.

Let me provide some context to help you understand. My apartment is in a nice area and each day cards like those above (those are from 5 days) are delivered. They are relatively explciit and you know theyre selling sex. thats ok, Im single. but imagine if you had a young dauther or son, and each day when they arrive home from school they have to see this. Yeah think of that, your little son or daughter getting to see that this wonderful place they call china hand delivers prostitutes to your doors on a 24×7 basis. What a way to raise kids right? Like I said, Im single so the kid part doesnt affect me, but my neighbors have a little boy and to the right a little girl and each day, they too recieve these cards, i wonder how they deal with it?

Then I read the china daily and how China is cracking down on internet porn and i go to my gym passing two massage parlors with the glowing neon lights, for about 20-30 U$ you can get a quickie but according to the chicoms closing down porn sites is a wise idea.

Then it hit me, maybe if they close down all the porn sites, the guys will now have no other options that to visit the massage parlors, call the girls in the cards above, or just spank it the old fashioned way. Thinking about the fact that the cops nor government bother the massage parlors its not hard to figure whose pockets are being lined with the profits, so maybe it makes sense for the government to stay the course, close the net porn sites and make more money , all so they can send their kids to study in the US, Canada, Uk,,,,,

The reality of china your neighbors or the guy trying to buy your home never tell you…

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Another Chinese province Suffering from Power Shortages

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 27, 2010

Here is part of a piece about a province in China, although rich in coal, that is suffereing from power outages. China is terribly innefficient in her energy consumption and this is the result. There is also growing concern about diesel shortages throughout the country. My take:
1-they need to send more people to Zambia, shoot at locals, treat them like slaves and ship the coal to the motherland
2- use solar power, oh yeah they cant, the smog in China renders many of solar panels useless here (this is a fact)
3- become efficient
4- blame the west and continue to proclaim that htey are the center of the universe and continue as if nothing were wrong….


“TAIYUAN – North China’s Shanxi province is suffering a severe power shortage this winter,mainly due to government requirements to cut power use to meet energy-saving goals, media reported.

But Niu Renliang, vice-governor of Shanxi, denied that and stressed at a meeting on Friday “the main reason for the present power shortage is not the energy-saving drive.”

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