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Another Chinese province Suffering from Power Shortages

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 27, 2010

Here is part of a piece about a province in China, although rich in coal, that is suffereing from power outages. China is terribly innefficient in her energy consumption and this is the result. There is also growing concern about diesel shortages throughout the country. My take:
1-they need to send more people to Zambia, shoot at locals, treat them like slaves and ship the coal to the motherland
2- use solar power, oh yeah they cant, the smog in China renders many of solar panels useless here (this is a fact)
3- become efficient
4- blame the west and continue to proclaim that htey are the center of the universe and continue as if nothing were wrong….


“TAIYUAN – North China’s Shanxi province is suffering a severe power shortage this winter,mainly due to government requirements to cut power use to meet energy-saving goals, media reported.

But Niu Renliang, vice-governor of Shanxi, denied that and stressed at a meeting on Friday “the main reason for the present power shortage is not the energy-saving drive.”

2 Responses to “Another Chinese province Suffering from Power Shortages”

  1. To do #3, might require the demolition of nearly every building in China, since the windows and doors on the buildings don’t seal shut properly. Besides, it’s much easier to say, “You live south of the Yangze river, you don’t need to heat your buildings in the winter.”

  2. Nulle said

    Couldn’t china just buy coal from us/Canada? Or just scam some multinationals to mine coal in china more efficiently

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