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Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 27, 2010

Sorry but I have to reply like this and thanks for commenting everyone.

HB- those little cards advertising the prostitutes are place in our doors so they are impossible to ignore.

Daniel- the post about the US warships,,,, funny line (vz unencumbered about knowledge of history), I admit more than a modicum of ignorance about history, and the post isnt the ramblings of some radical gun totin’ cowboy. I get your meaning, and Im not saying the US is perfect. We do some really horrible things to really great people, this is totally true. But think of it Daniel, you have been to China, its a great place and all, but would you want these people being the worlds police?
Im not stumping for the US to assume the role of the world peace keeper, it would be good to share that responsibility with responsible nations. But imho, after living here, this place is far from responsible, and has no morals nor ethics. Even the chinese are trying to get out.
I just think its good for someone to stick a finger in the eye of the chicoms every now and again (ie government , not people). And if it comes down to having someone ‘look after the good of the world’ whatever that means, then on my short list of countries least qualified, would be China and her friends.
I do appreciate your comment though, and if you were hinting about America and Israel, and or the Bush debacles, then I feel ya, brother. If you were going much farther back then Vietnam, then as you’ve stated, my world view may be less than perfect.


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  1. Daniel Bos said

    Thanks for your reply. Not only have I been to China, I live there 🙂 (btw, do like the rest of us and get a VPN) I agree that with China in the role of the US we wouldn’t be better off. This role is however not “policeman of the world” or even “looking after the good of the world”. No matter how hard the US might try to make people believe that, they don’t do anything that is not in their own interest.

    Let’s take for example the last Iraq war. Before the US invaded Iraq, it was one of the most stable countries in the Middle East, with a hugely important role (keeping Iran and Saoudi-Arabia, two de-facto dictatorships with opposing views on the meaning of Islam, away from each other) Iraqi people had, at that time, the most freedoms of all middle-eastern countries, several minorities had de-facto self-control in their own territories, while Saddam made sure they didn’t get in each others hairs. Since the invasion, with no justification whatsoever (besides fabricated “evidence”) the situation has gone worse from day to day. In the power-vacuum left when Saddam was toppled, large parts of the country were seized by various war-lords, who enforced their own radical views on the people, leading to girls not allowed to go to school anymore, sharia laws, and people not daring to leave their homes at night. The situation got so out-of-hand that the US had to send in trigger-happy mercenaries because they could no longer justify putting their own soldiers in so much danger. I think you would be hard-pressed to find anyone in Iraq who believes the current state of the country is better than under Saddam.

    Now how is that for the “better of the world”?

    Back to the issue (North Korea), of course this was a provocation to China. They could just as well played their war-games on the other coast of North Korea, only then they would have pissed off Japan. BTW, just for the fun of it, you might want to look into the reason why there is a North and a South Korea in the first place! (hint: we can also thank the US for that)

    Why do you think the US has let the two Korea’s situation continue for so long? The only reason is because there’s nothing to gain for them. I bet you, the day they find large deposits of natural resources in North Korea will be the day the US decides to “liberate”, “bring peace”, “reunite” and whatever other hollow claims they can find to justify an invasion.

    To conclude my rant (sorry for that ;-)) Of course we wouldn’t be better off with China on top, but don’t believe the “policing” myth the US is trying so hard to keep alive. It is no more than a glorified form of colonialism, and we all know (I hope) what good that has done for the world. No single country has the right to enforce their world-views outside their own borders. Even a majority of the United Nations would be dubious.

    • wtdevflnt said

      vpn???? is that legal?

      • Daniel Bos said

        Sure it’s legal, the majority of companies use them to enable employees to connect to their company network. Actually the GFW isn’t aimed at people with the smarts and resources to use VPN or proxies or other solutions, but at the majority of uneducated people. People who want to find censored information can find it anyway, and the government is pragmatic enough to not care about that. (Otherwise they’d have to follow the North-Korean model, by cutting off all communication, which is not very productive)

      • wtdevflnt said

        Thanks, but I heard that the chicoms use vpn’s to actually keep tabs on those smart enough to use them, have you heard this?

      • Daniel Bos said

        VPN’s work by routing all internet traffic through the VPN. As long as the VPN server is outside of China, there is absolutely no way they can keep tabs on that. The only thing they can see is that there is a connection between you and the VPN server.

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