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97% of Chinese Would Be Americans If We Allowed Them- WTF?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 28, 2010

I saw this on the chinadaily=chicom mouthpiece, today Im lazy so I will just cut and paste it, but apperenly this link shows that some guys came to China and say that 97% of Chinese would want to be Americans. My take:
1-bullshit, where do the other 3% want to live, lang fang?
2- BS
3=more bs..
all kidding aside, but I call shenanigans. IMHO the Chinese I know are dying to get out of this place, for all their bluster and talk about inventing chopsticks and fang bien mien (insta noodles), they cant wait to get their kids overseas (heaven) so that they dont have to quaff mass quantities of smog wiht their daily dose of poison in their milk…. oooh did I say that?

But really, it gets tiresome to hear the Chinese with all their stories and watching monkey king and kung fu TV shows, and then in the next instant , they do whatever is humanly possible to go anywhere, (not just the US, imho) they truly want to leave this place.


On a recent media trip to China, perhaps the most amazing finding was that the American Dream is alive and well — 7,481 miles (12,039 kilometers) away from the U.S. capital.
In many of our exchanges with Chinese interlocutors, they took great umbrage at hearing news from our group of Washington-based journalists and thinkers about how stuck in a rut American politics had become and how U.S. society was riven with serious conflicts.

If U.S. immigration policies allowed it, 97% of the Chinese people would probably want to move to the United States. Believing in America’s great future as a signal for all of the rest of us is what has kept us Chinese going through many a dark day.

Yes, we are proud how far China has come — and in such a relatively short time. But still, they said, our ultimate goal is to be like the Americans, with their big houses, ample space and large cars. That’s what we dream about. Don’t destroy that vision of our future.”

3 Responses to “97% of Chinese Would Be Americans If We Allowed Them- WTF?”

  1. The other 3% are Party officials.

  2. Nulle said

    See my comment on why Chinese want to have babies in US….

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