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Ahh The Joys of Humanity – Got My Cable TV

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 28, 2010

Ok I’ve been pissed lately, I think it was due to the fact that I subjected myself to rafts of propaganda from the chinese communist party vz watching cctv. That problem has been solved as I just got my cable back up…
But I’d like to share some thoughts with you, because I love all of you and I roll like that. So what I learned from watching cctv or the “Chinese communist party controlled television networks that all Chinese watch if they dont have cable.”
1- ummmm
2- Chinese no original programming except: stuff with people with cool mustaches and funny little hats with wings on them defying laws of gravity while kicking each other in the chops
3-the Chinese and not the west, defeated the Japanese to end WW2
4- the Japanese are sneaky
5-people from the to westernmost provinces in china (Tbt , XJ) really love China and would never leave
6-Taiwan is truly and forever a part of China
7-Corruption is almost non-existent here
8-internet porn is bad
9-western documentaries are cool even if they are pirated by the chicoms and dubbed over in Chinese (they are, see point 2, china has no interesting original chicom programming- Daniel I will say that my ignorance of Chinese programming is dwarfed only by my ignorance of world affairs pre- Bush??)
10-china is has a beautiful and harmonious relationship with Africa, despite what the Africans may think

One Response to “Ahh The Joys of Humanity – Got My Cable TV”

  1. All I have is CCTV, hence the TV is never on. If it were, I’d probably throw it out the window in aggravation. Although there were those hilarious times in my early days here when we made up our own dialog to go with the Chinese soap operas…

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