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Damn Chinese Pollution Ruins My Photos

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 29, 2010

Look at this photo and look at the grey stuff. That stuff is the sky, or a toxic mixture of soot, dust, and carcinogens that are always floating aloft in Chinese cities.

Chinese have funny ways of expressing themselves, one of these is evident when they call pollution or smog, “fog”. If you press them on it, ask if its actually pollution, they will look at you with a straight face and say no, its fog, as in low lying clouds…

in a sense they are correct, m-w.com defines a fog as “: a murky condition of the atmosphere or a substance causing it”. So yes, all of those toxic chemicals that the Chinese have poured into the atmosphere so a few of them can get rich, is in essence, a fog….

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Hu the Butcher and Grandpa Wen

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 29, 2010

China’s top two leaders have quite different monikers, the one was known as the “Butcher of Lhasa and/or Mongolia”, he’s the main dog, Hu Jin Tao. His counterpart has a much more homey, benign moniker, “Grandpa Wen”, for Wen Jia Bao.
The “butcher” label seems to fit in terms of what China’s communist party leader and president did while in Tib.et, (see below), but as for the label of grandpa Wen, I really dont know. The locals love him, he’s got a cartoon looking odd sort of face, like a constipated child, but every time there is a disaster, they send his little five foot frame for photo ops and kind words. As for calling him grandpa, I’d probably take a pass on that, as far as I know, known of my clan ever ran a dictatorial government while bilking billions from my own people and imprisoning those who didn’t agree with my maniacal plans, well as least as far as I know…

“(MountEverest.net) Hu Jintao doesn’t take thin air well, and his appointment as the boss of Tibet didn’t start good either – at least not for Panchen Lama. Shortly after arriving in Lhasa early 1989, on January 23 Hu sat next to Panchen at a dinner in Shigatse. Incredibly, the Lama dared to stand up and criticize China’s handling of Tibet. A few days later, Panchen Lama was dead.

The Butcher

The 51-years-old died unexpectedly in his Shigatse monastery. In the Guardian some time back, Jonathan Mirsky recounted his chat with Hu Jintao – head of China today. “He told me how much he disliked Tibet’s altitude, climate and lack of culture. He was keeping his family in Beijing, and feared that if there were ever an uprising against the Chinese, no Tibetan would protect him.”
Hu was appointed Party Chief of the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) in 1988. He worked fast – a political crackdown followed Panchen’s death. Yet due to the thin air, Hu spent little time in his appointed region. He moved back to Beijing already in 1990, and in 1992, Hu recommended Chen Kuiyuan as the new Party Secretary in Tibet. Chen was perfect – he had already served in Inner Mongolia where rebellious Mongols referred to him as “the butcher.”

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Rubles for Rubbish or Cash for Trash- China and Russia Scrap the Dollar

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 29, 2010

China and Russia will only trade Rubles and RMB in the future (see excerpt below), its a move that is geared to…. well I really dont know why. I guess the conversation went like this
chicom-hey wanna buy some worthless crap impregnated with toxic chemicals?
russia- milk?
chicom- uh no, well we can give you that too if you wish.
russia-Im a little broke, can you run me credit?
-chicom-you never pay your debts, got dollars?
-russia nyet
chicom- ok, I’ll send you ,,,,, how about 50 million USD worth of useless junk and you return the favor by paying my in rubles, ie kleenex, that way your GDP goes up and mine too
-russia deal

excerpt: BEIJING – Local currency settlement between China and Russia will help banks and enterprises in both nations reduce costs and exchange rate risks, Ma Delun, deputy governor with the People’s Bank of China, said Monday.

China started to allow the yuan to trade against the Russian ruble on its foreign exchange market from Nov 22 and the yuan will trade on the Russian market in the near term.

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Chinese Lining up to Give Birth in the USA- To Have a Little US Citizen

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 29, 2010

Chines plan to have their babies, and if possible they plan to travel before they do and the goal is to have the kid in a foreign coiuntry so it can be a citizen of a civilized country. I have a colleauge who did this. His wife went, overstayed her visa and voila! We have another little American…
The excerpt below is how the Chinese go abuot this, this may be a good article to share..

“…,ago in Taiwan province, has become popular on the Chinese mainland. For Jia Zijun, a Chinese American who returned to the mainland from the US three years ago to start the business, the enthusiasm of Chinese people for having a baby in the US so it could have American citizenship was “crazy”.

“We received more than 100 calls from people asking about giving birth in the US in one day in the third quarter of this year,” said Jia, who is now the representative of a consultancy for helping expectant Chinese mothers travel to California to give birth.

Even though it is not against the law, it is usually not easy for obviously pregnant women to get a US visa. As a result, most pregnant women apply when they are not visibly pregnant.

Jia’s agency has helped more than 100 Chinese women from the Chinese mainland to give birth in the US since it was established in 2007 in California. She is in charge of the Beijing office of her company, which goes under the name the US Yuezi Center. Yuezi in the Chinese language refers to the first month after a woman gives birth when, in Chinese culture, she receives special care over her diet, sleep and health.

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Happy Birthday to my blog, Happy Birthday to my blog, Happy birthday….

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to my blog, Happy Birthday to my blog, Happy birthday….

My blog had a birthday, I dont think it was today, but a few days ago. Yeah, I been bitching, ranting and filing the cybertubes with negativity about China for one year now. Here are my observations:
1-I like to complain
2- I post a lot, as in probably ten per day
3-I have learned a ton while blogging here
4-it would appear that most people and I are on a similar track when it comes to thinking about china
5-did I mention the fact that I post a lot, like to complain and am opinionated?
6-china needs prayers
7-the world really really needs to wake up to the china reality
8-have you thought of reducing your china footprint? At least till they become responsible global citizens?
9- its good to get feedback, irrespective of whether its positive or negative…

Ok I have also learned the following:
blogging and the pseudo relationship that one engenders with their readers is kind of like a marriage, let me explain. In the beginning I bent over backwards to make sure my posts were pc(politically correct) poignant, maybe witty and sensitive. It was fun to write, get my thoughts out there, get some feedback, ie love, from you people.I was not as confident of your love and my sincerity with the relationship and my posts mirrored this insecurity.

Then we moved into the next stage, like passionate love….

Each day was better than the last and I posted like a fiend. My mind was filled with making you feel me and my posts mirrored this fact. I only looked for the best photos, I tried to explain myself and wanted you near. Then

Then we moved into the next stage, like engagement…

I felt more confident with your love, what you wanted and my posts showed this. I no longer tried to woo you with my words, but showed my heart and soul, I figured if you didnt like it then you can move along, find something thats a better fit, but gave you my all and made my commitment

Then we moved into the next stage, like marriage…

My posts now are not pc at all, they may be flighty,may be snarky, but its the real me, I am giving you insight into who I really am.

If you want a pictorial description of our love now,,,,,
So now, I ve picked up some weight, and you have too, but you still look great. Sure I dont rush home after work and call you as often as I used to, but I still love ya.
, I am now in the stage where I trundle through the house in my boxers, (people will think their swim trunks right?), I pass by the large window in the living room, remote in one hand, bag of cheetos in the other, glance at the neighbors, wave, then move back to my comfy chair, tugging on my junk and switching channels, while you yell, tell me to get dressed its almost 2 in the afternoon, i mumble something about it being my day off and ill do as i damn well please. But in the end i still love ya…..

I guess I’ll leave you with that visual till my ADD kicks in again and I post some more.

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Reblog- I feel Your Pain

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 29, 2010

Here’s are-blog from weathering the journey. Its funny because alhtough I do not personally know the author of that blog, we often seem to post the same htings and share a similar view on living in this country. Her blogs may be more polite, but it would appear that the feeling of frustration and despair are there. Reading her posts are like looking into a literary mirror as we share the same sentiments, and all these yet she is doomed to some other layer of Dantes inferno Hell than I, she has been doomed to the south central quadrant, while I have been sentenced to the north. Here is her post, she is experiencing the same problems as I …


“Internet Trouble – This is CODE for: You know the problem. I hate Big Brother. Apparently, Someone’s had their feelings hurt. I’m so grateful I’m going back the the U.S! Land of the (mostly) free and home of the brave.

I may post later (I’m doing this by email). I don’t have access to my online stuff though so it may be that my blogging will be less than it has been the last couple of months. Especially since sitting at the computer with these sorts of restrictions has a tendency to make me want to use Bad Words. (Just you wait, Henry Higgins, just you wait.) I’ll do at least one post a day though, except when we are actually traveling, so you all know we are still alive, at least.

FYI, I’ll be unable to moderate comments until I have better internet access, so if your comment doesn’t appear, please understand it’s not because I’m ignoring you. Do me a favor everyone. Reread Brave New World by George Orwell. It’s a banned book on this side of the Big Blue and there’s a reason. It’s because Every. Single. Stinking. Unbelievable. Word of it. Is. True.

Sorry this post isn’t more grateful, but maybe it will serve to make You more grateful. Remember, the clean water you drink and the words you speak are things you have because America’s founders believed our Creator gave us inalienable rights and the people thought they were worth fighting for.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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Pretty In China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 29, 2010

She’s pretty, but shy as well…

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