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Communist or Mafia, You Decide

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 30, 2010

I am bored, or I was/is/am/usually are bored, so I began to think, and when i think, its either happy fun stuff, or stuff about the ruling communist party of China…

Then I was thinking about the mafia or the mob, and how closely it paralells the ruling communist party of China, so I decided to pursue this line of thought further. AT first I wanted to see what differences may arise between the ruling communist party of China, and the mafia.

2-mafias are illegal?
3-mafias have a strict hierarchy of rules and laws which are sacrosanct and not open to deviation
4-mafias have ethics, at least within their ethos, twisted as it may be
5-mafias have a written code of conduct that must be obeyed
6-the mafia began in fuedal times, thus is older than ruling communist party of China
7-mafia dons give to charities
8-mafia dons enjoy good food, only poisoning it to make a point
9-mafia dons have style
10-mafia dons are decent looking
11- mafia dons have a bit of panache or class, although their actions are pretty bad

I may have left out a few things, but feel free to add upon this….

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