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HAHAHA- Reply to a Comment

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 30, 2010

Because I cant respond to comments any other way, I have to do it like this.

The the comment:

The average daily temp here in Guangdong Province is 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but it’s winter so the Chinese here dress in three layers with long sleeves. Of course the girls still dress like prostitutes, the concession is tights/nylons with their (fake wool-lined) short shorts or invisi-skirts.

The only thing I can do is pick my fat arse up from the floor from laughing so hard!!! Thanks for the comment!!!

2 Responses to “HAHAHA- Reply to a Comment”

  1. Yasmyn said

    You won’t be surprised to know that’s how the Taiwanese dress too..minus the prostitute thing..but yea, (75-80 degrees)its not even really cold and they have the scarves and coats on. And i’m the one that looks crazy with a short sleeve shirt!

  2. Homer said

    Uh, Hangzhou, is like 55 or so. They dress the same. Hot working girls in shorts and nylons. Although you have to add a massive winter jacket to the long sleeves and three layers. There has to be one guy making a killing selling the same shit to everyone. Either that or they all have the same “Mommy.” Haha good times.

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