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China and Opium

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 5, 2010

The Chinese are humiliated by their past, or let me change that, they are fanatical about their past, but have an uncanny ability to forget the bad, or merely blame it on barbaric foreigners. For instance, much of the bad of the last dynasty is blamed on the fact that the rulers were not Han people (In China Han is one of 56 races- over 90% are Han people in China). Thus, anything that is not Han, including all other minorities, are second citizens, and treated worse than the minorities in the USA.
My real question is how a group of people or a couintry as a whole could be overtaken by Opium. They blame the English, but that would be like the US blaming Mexico or Colombia for our problems. Based uopn what I have read, the whole coutnry slowed down and adiction was so fierce it was crippling. So, whats the problem with their inability to ‘kick the habit’? I have read taht certain races have a predisposition to alcoholism -ie Irish (I am, the race I mean), while others are not. So, is there a genetic component involved?

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