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North Koreans Spotted in Beijing….

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 7, 2010

The other day on my way to recess , I mean work, i saw this sight. True communists confronted with quasi-communists.
No shit, I saw these athletes from teh DPRK or north Korea, walking around near Dawanglu. It reminded me of when I once saw some Russians (USSR) in a competition at my uni, they were the big bad Soviets, that dangerous mystery.

So, with that in mind, I decided to study these people in their natural habitat as it were.
Apparently Jung Il, decided to allow these people to visit their sister in communism – China, to partake in sports. I was surprised at how healthy the people looked, and not as miserable as your typical China-man. The coaches were especially happy, I guess that stands to reason, but think of how miserable your life must be, to feel bliss when coming to china-ooo just kidding.
Anyway, here is what I saw:
-the men seemed confident, moved gracefully, maybe like volleyballers
-the women seemed closed- but had an athletes confidence as well
-the guys happy
-the women stoic
-the coaches ecstatic
-the coaches handed out little RMB notes to the group like a mother hen. She gave 100 rmb to each two people, so in essence they got about U$6 each.
-they had that deer in headlights look like many Chinese do when confronted with beguiling things such as elevators, escalators, coffee makers.
I thought about getting a photo with them but then chickened out, I could just see the coach pulling some Jackie Chan stuff on me, then the chicoms arrive in situ to finish me off, only then to serve ten years for threatening ‘peace and harmony’. I’ll just keep blogging, Im sure that will one day produce the same result.

(oh yeah, the two photos-291120104673.jpg,,,291120104674.jpg
are Chinese dollar stores, or something like that. To me the place looks like the gaping maw of hell, but i think they sell stuff in there. So anyway, the north korean communists took their little red ‘mao money’ and blissfully strolled to that place to buy stuff. I bet they would never complain about Chinese quality.

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