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China’s Impending Ecological Apocalypse

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 11, 2010

This photo epitomizes the problems with China and pollution, or its impending ecological Apocalypse or demise. The shot was taken around 2pm, and the smog was so thick that I could almost look directly at the sun. In the sky you can see the glowing yellow orb, but also how dirty the sky is, how it prevents a clear line of site beyond one-half mile. The impending disaster that is China’s environment is painfully obvious.

In Wired magazine, I was reading about a town called Pricher, it was a mining town but now dead. Its pollluted by heavy metals and quite toxic. In the US they offered cash to the citizens so they could move, and are trying to correct the problem. Maybe the chicoms could use a similar tack…
nah theyre too busy buying dollars and Yen so they can manipulate their currency or building lavish toilets, and sex themed theme parks (Chonging- old posts). Some day I’ll leave, but the unfortunate poor Chinese must stay.

Dont worry however, the rich communists will move to the USA Canada and Europe and send their mal-adapted one-child kids there, all so they can get a good education and breath good air. I really pity the typical china-person.

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