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Heavenly Leader in China- Who Needs Religion?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 11, 2010

China has some atypical beliefs and as one of my Chinese friends once told me, they truly believe they are more advanced than the rest of the world.”they believe that the people and governning body have special powers” , she said.
About 2000 years ago, during the Han dynasty they developed the “Li BU” or civil service ministry and the emperor or leader of it was called the “Heavenly Leader” who took his guidance from the heavens.
If the same thing hold true today, vz taking ones guidance from the heavens, what heaven is condoning all of the corruption and violations against man that are so prevalent?

2 Responses to “Heavenly Leader in China- Who Needs Religion?”

  1. How do they communicate with heaven through all that pea soup they call air or sky?

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