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Chinese Men Do Carry Man Purses

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 12, 2010

I feel the need to clarify this for all of you who have never been to China. The reason I am doing so is that one of the frequent commentors to this site had a hilarious rant about China and the need to grow up, I’ll post it below.
Not only did I find the rant hilarious, but poignant as well, and then it hit me, if you’ve never been to China, then much of what she said, would make no sense. The person who wrote the comment has a great site called weatheringthejourney and along with the rest of us, has been sent to one of the rings of hell, I believe she is in the south and thus would be at the fifth or sixth circle, we in the north would be at the 8th or 9th. In any event, she made a comment on one of my posts and much of it is self-explanatory and pointed. The only thing that you may not understand in it, is her comment about man purses.
In this, she has nailed one of the most bizarre behavior patterns i’ve seen here. Chinese men carry man purses, and not just any purse, but one’s that seem as if they belong on the runways in shanghai, and such. Typically the older guys, being 40 but looking 60, carry the luxury models and pitter about like elves, while attempting to entice the younger set have a dinner with them, while their wife is away. The guys seem self-centered and somewhat ignorant.
The other group is the younger guys, maybe 18-25. These are one-child mistakes or new burdens to the country. They, lacking an identity, are attempting to formulate one. In the process, they have made themselves to be some gender-neutral mishmash of knock of man purse carrying men who trundle and bumble along the subways, getting in people’s ways, and looking frightened.
The incidence of man purses, in Beijing has decreased somewhat, for that , I am thankful.

here is a copy of her rant, leading to my rant above
“Harshness Warning
So China has their poor little feelings hurt? They need the rest of the world to kiss them better? Over half the population of China is male, when are they gonna suck it up and act like Men? I guess they are just too stinking busy carrying their purses and crying over a messed up manicure to do the WORK necessary to actually earn Real Respect from the rest of the world. They have to try to bully their way through their shame instead. It’s like junior high school on a macro level.
I did warn you.”

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3 Responses to “Chinese Men Do Carry Man Purses”

  1. Oh, but please don’t neglect the significance of the “man”icure as well. A lot of these men have fingernails that look as well-groomed as any prissy woman’s in the U.S. My fingernails have never looked that good (partly my own fault), but theirs look like they wouldn’t know what work was if it came and hit them over the head (which I suppose is the whole point – wouldn’t want anyone to mistake them for a common laborer). Oh yeah, some of the pinkie nails would do a druggie proud. Mix it all up with the funny walk and you really start to wonder about where China is really headed.

    Who let the dogs out???

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