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Chinese Law- Ahem….

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 19, 2010

When China opened up in 1978, she invited the world to help her write her laws. After all, ;76 ended the cultural revolution where millions of chinese died at the hands of other chinese for no particular reason, other than to show who loved Mao more, or for being intelligent- a thing that was not tolerated in 66-76 in China (interestingly enough, also a time when the current leaders of china began their political careers- ’nuff said). Anyway, China had a constitution but it sucked, so they needed help and called upon civilization for such help. The world gathered togehter, came here, ate good food, got massages and wrote laws that were printed upon beautiful papyrus and soon forgotten.

Currently in China, one can be ““re-educated through labour” (laodong jiaoyang) under which persons may be detained for one to three years without any criminal trial”

In the US, for instance, you must be given a trial and cannot be held without being told what you are held for. I guess that is why so many Chinese, especially communists and their children want to come to the USA’

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