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Selling Fireworks in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 20, 2010

I think this photo is from ’09 in the Chinese new Year. Looks like a fireworks stand in Chongqing.

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Real Communists- North Koreans in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 20, 2010

Here are more photos of those North Korean athletes I saw in China. In this photo it looks as if they are trying to cop some smack on the street corner, but in reality the older mother hen is ‘doling out the duckets’ or giving them some cash. The Koreans looked like they were walking into another planet, marveling at all Beijing has to offer. This particular area of Beijing has the charm of human waste, so I shudder to think of what their hometown looks like.

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Chinese Entrepreneur

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 20, 2010

I followed this little old guy for a spell. He was toting all of those goods to the subway stop near Fuxingmen. To me the guy is the backbone of China, has probably seen more death than our teens playing video games for years. He seems resolved to his fate and is trying to make ends meet. To your typical Chinaman, he is an eye-sore , an embarrassment. Without guys like this, no one would be in China.

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China and Her Communist Pals Not Looking Too Good on Freedom of The Press

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 20, 2010

from chinaview.wordpress.com

(Excerpt) Reporters Without Borders, Oct 20, 2010 –

Asia’s four Communist regimes, North Korea (177th place), China (171st), Vietnam (165thj) Laos (168th), are among the fifteen lowest-ranked countries of the 2010 World Press Freedom Index.

Ranked just one place behind Eritrea, hellish totalitarian North Korea has shown no improvement. To the contrary: in a succession framework set up by Kim Jong-il in favour of his son, crackdowns have become even harsher.”

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Terms of Employment in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 20, 2010

I have a friend who must have been horrible in a past life, he now is in hell, or gainfully employed by a Chinese company. The Chinese, ever the mindless misers, look for any way to gouge the unsuspecting foreigners. He has told me about some of the rules of working for this sweatshop/shithole:

1- 30 minutes late or fewer—docked 4 hours pay
2- >30 minutes late—-docked day’s wages
3-Unexcused absence—-docked three days wages
4-smoking in the building—-2000rmb fine

This company is actually charging its foreign employees a rate that is not legal, ‘according to the local employment bureau’. They are forcing the foreign employees to pay an extra 5% business tax, of which they are not responsible.
The truth of working in China

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New Teaching Methodology in Shanghai China- Burn Their Faces with Scalding Hot Iron

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 20, 2010

Here is an excerpt about a situation in china whereby a teacher of a grade school, allegedly scalded the children’s faces with a hot iron, presumably for misbehaving. Due to the poor quality of the excerpt below, not much information can be divined. Apparently the teacher, burned the children’s faces and then another teacher happened by stopping her. This is is alluded to in the story, but then apparently the woman who caught the teacher told no one at the school, as nothing happened till the children arrived home and their parents inquired about their burns. The kids had been told to remain mum about the incident and tell no one, so they did. The parents then investigated further and supposedly found out the truth.
1-why does this stuff happen in China
2-why didn’t the teacher who initially caught the offending party inform someone
3-is China, the most bizarre place or what

excerpt chinadaily

7 kids burned in face for chatting in class
Cheng Sixia, mother of one of the victims, Cui, shows her son’s scar. [Photo/Yangtse Evening Post]

The Yangtse Evening Post reported that the teacher, a single woman surnamed Yi, would have hurt more children if she were not stopped by another teacher who were passing by the classroom and heard the children’s cries. Yi also threatened the children not to tell their parents and made up the excuse that the kids’ scars were caused by “falling down in the toilet.”

Yi told her that the floor in the kindergarten’s toilet was slippery and her son fell down when the kids were crowding into it.Cheng was suspicious about Yi’s explanation because she found wounds not only on her son’s face, but also behind his ear, which obviously cannot be caused by a fall.What happened?” asked Cheng Sixia, mother of one of the victims, Cui, as she was shocked at seeing the big scar on her 6-year-old son’s face when she picked him up after school.

The mother asked a classmate of her son who came over to do homework with Cui if he knew what happened to her son. The boy at first refused to tell her because the teacher asked them “not to tell,” but finally said Cui was burned by the teacher with “the thing used to iron clothes.”

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China’s Looming Power Shortage

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 20, 2010

Right now its cold in many places in China, and China, being the leader consumer of energy in the world, is having problems keeping up with demand. The problem stems from consumption, poor quality buidlings and insulation, and mismanagement. The result is that power shortages are likely to occur and the results could be catastrophic.


“In Hubei, 14 power stations had a total of 1.8 million tons of coal last week, compared to 3.7 million tons in September, the report said, adding that there is only enough coal left to meet another 12 days of the current demand for heat.

Similar shortages have been reported in coal-rich provinces, such as Henan, which currently has 2.5 million tons of coal, though it needs another 1 million tons to meet winter demand.”

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Chinese Traffic- Chongqing China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 20, 2010

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