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Reflecting on Shakira in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 31, 2010

After Shakira’s performance in Nanjing the Chinese bbs posts were almost unanamous. Shakira did an incredible job but China is so far behind the rest of the world in terms of hosting internaional events- they are clueless. You can go to youkuo and see the comments. Shakira was gracious and braved 30 degree cold while dancing smiling and entertaining. The Chinese crowd was semi-comatose and Shakira deserved better. As for the Chinese MC’s, their English was horrible, leaving her in an uncomfortable state at times, they lacked confidence and acted sophomoric. Another example would be when she attempted to teach them the dance from the FIFA world cup and two of the four MC’s merely watched, didnt attempt to join in and on their faces seemed to be a look of scorn. I felt sorry for China, thought they looked pretty foolish and not ready for prime time. The bbs posts seemed to corroborate my feelings.
This is China, instead of getting qualified people to do the event, and competent translators, they figured that they can do international events justas they do in local events. The result was a half-assed attempt at bringing super star to China , but in the end they fell flat on their faces.

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