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Shakira in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 31, 2010

Shakira is in Nanjing and did a great job as usual. The funny thing is that she sai she is happy to be here and wants to come baack. I’m sure that may be true, but I bet she also wants to sell dvds. I\Someone probably said “hey shakira cjina has 1 300 000 000 people, lets go and intro your music to them, imaine if each one buys one album…”.
No one bothered to tell her that Chinese haveno need to buy DVDs they can listen to songs for free on Baidu or many other sites. I just asked some friends and none of thme has ever bought a real DVD in china . (they are all Chinese – btw)

5 Responses to “Shakira in China”

  1. panny said

    Your oppinion is not true.My friends always buy a lot of European&American idol’s album from online shopping websites such as Taobao.there also a lot of shakira’s fans in China and the performance of Shakira last night was so exciting,I love her!

  2. I’m not sure you CAN buy a non-pirated dvd in China. I tried for a long time and couldn’t find one. You might think you found one, but get it home and pop it in the player and low-and-behold! counterfeit.

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