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Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 3, 2011

Uncle Chicom (communist party) is blocking our access to wordpress, so I must comment like this for now….
to chickendinner and comment on the restroom—-HAHAHAHAHA LMFAO!! Good one! Oh btw I am cut off from your blog till the 5th or so…

to the other comments (by Richard)about everything from the military to life in China- I will respond later, but two things stand out
1-You commented on a comment about the US and aircraft carriers, I think you misunderstood the author’s meaning-judging by your response.
2-Your comment about fraud in Chinese companies and the US stock market- While I agree the US has its problems, China has no standards for business or side-steps them, making it very dangerous for Americans who are betting their futures on it. The level of deceit in China is appalling and if more people had worked here, I think there would be more scrutiny on all things Chinese.

One Response to “Reply to Comments”

  1. Richard Seeto said

    My reply.
    1. Be specific about what you mean in respect to US Aircraft carriers and for what purpose you think they are deployed for.
    2. Funny thing with all your criticisms about China and the Chinese, you Americans keep wanting to go there. Especially for monetary gain and the women. Don’t you guys have sufficient of any of those things in your own great country?

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