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Lazy Malingering American Sot!- Hardworking Chinese Toddler

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 5, 2011

A commenter recently called me a malingerer, surprised by such harsh words, I rushed to m-w.com to see just what the word meant— malingerer “to pretend or exaggerate incapacity or illness (as to avoid duty or work)” Reflecting on those harsh words, as I scanned the interweb aimlessly, I came across the following photos. And although I would not say that I am a malingerer (in terms of feigning illness) one could argue that I am currently not devoting all of my neurons to the task of making money for any one company , thus the word loafer may be more appropriate..
But I digress. I would like to applaud the ability of a place like China to reward those who do not malinger (manlinging?). As you can see, it is wonderful that this boy at the tender age of 7 or so is learning a skill. Never can we accuse him of “malinging” as he would be strapped to a post and beaten with bamboo pole. Leaving that to the side, I would like to credit his boss/slave owner for running a tight ship. Grade school is overrated, as long as you can make change, you can live in this society. As for books, nowadays they all come with photos, so who needs to be able to read. China is rife with uneducated men who are billionaires they are called “prty officials”, so maybe they are actually on to something.
As I stare at this photo and marvel at how a boy who cannot say his Chinese ABC’s (Bo PO MO fo?) has already learned a trade for which he will no doubt earn pennies in his sure to be miserable life. I have to chalk one up for the center country. Based upon these photos we can see the impact of the rise of China.

A Young Auto Mechanic from China (18 pics)

A Young Auto Mechanic from China (18 pics)

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