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WTF?? In China- Government to STOP USE of Pirated Software? You Mean They Didnt Do This Before?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 7, 2011

File this one under “you dirty thieving chicom thugs”.
In the snippet below, which only a country with the moral fortitude of China would even think of printing, the chinadaily says that uncle chicom (communist party/big brother/evil torturer ) will enforce a ban of the Chinese Government utilizing illegal software in government offices!

WTF are they thinking? Its 2011 and they finally decide to enforce this law? And think of the level of IPR infringement if the governing body of this country admittedly utilizes pirated software in their offices!

Think of it this way. All of the documents that the fearful leaders of this dry rock bash out on a daily basis potentially could be written utilizing pirated software from big firms who invested a lot of cash in their development.

Dont get me wrong, if you have a good kindle book you’d like to share…… then I may be enticed into taking a peek, and vice-versa, but I’m a little guy , not the man with his hand on the switch to our formidable arsenal of weapons, i would hope they would be more lawful. Somehow when I think of our leaders (hope) that after the BO man, plays a game of basketball, gets his lip busted, then watches his ‘shorty’ shake her massive ‘groove thing’.. I would like to think he sits down to pen a missive on a legitimate copy of Microsoft Windows…or maybe its just me…

excerpt china muzzle, chinadaily:
” BEIJING – China will strictly enforce the ban of unauthorized software in government offices in 2011, authorities have said.
Central government offices have until the end of May, while local offices have until the end of October, to ensure all software installed in their offices is licensed, State Intellectual Property Office spokesman Wang Ziqiang told a news conference in Beijing on Thursday.”

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