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Chinese Parenting

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 8, 2011

from here:

“Despite our squeamishness about cultural stereotypes, there are tons of studies out there showing marked and quantifiable differences between Chinese and Westerners when it comes to parenting. In one study of 50 Western American mothers and 48 Chinese immigrant mothers, almost 70% of the Western mothers said either that “stressing academic success is not good for children” or that “parents need to foster the idea that learning is fun.” By contrast, roughly 0% of the Chinese mothers felt the same way. Instead, the vast majority of the Chinese mothers said that they believe their children can be “the best” students, that “academic achievement reflects successful parenting,” and that if children did not excel at school then there was “a problem” and parents “were not doing their job.” Other studies indicate that compared to Western parents, Chinese parents spend approximately 10 times as long every day drilling academic activities with their children. By contrast, Western kids are more likely to participate in sports teams.”

2 Responses to “Chinese Parenting”

  1. Daniel Bos said

    And that is why it is inevitable that Asia (this doesn’t just apply to Chinese, but just as well to Korea and other Asian countries) will crush the West. While we’re playing and having fun, they’re rapidly producing the majority of all scientists in the world.

    • wtdevflnt said

      Thanks for the comment, but lets just hope all the ‘somther mothering’ doesnt lead to the kids abnormal psychological development. I have read a lot here about issues such as this.

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