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Pregnant Chinese Rush To USA to Give Birth

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 8, 2011

Interesting article about Chinese women who are pregnant coming to the USA to give birth to a little American….

” “Mexican illegal immigrants who give birth to anchor babies in the U.S. are being joined by upper-class Chinese women who have the resources to enter the country legally to deliver their offspring and essentially purchase American citizenship.

A story on this new breed of anchor babies was published this week by the leftwing National Public Radio, which makes it a point to intimate the differences between the poverty-stricken illegal border crossers and the affluent Asians. A loophole in American law allows the rich to travel to the United States—often in first-class airline seats—to give birth, the report says, alluding to the plight of the poor chastised Mexicans who desperately cross the treacherous desert to give their unborn children a better life.

Because the Chinese women have money, the U.S. practically welcomes them to give birth here. In fact, it has become a booming trade in China where a host of businesses have profited from the deals. For about $15,000, a company arranges a California hospital, physician, house and car rental for wealthy Chinese parents-to-be. The operations are referred to as “an affordable American dream.”

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