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Heartless in China- 83 Year Old Man Dies, Passersby Offer No Assistance

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 12, 2011

This is Chinese living. This poor guy lie dying in the streets and no one helped him (from chinahush.com). Some of you reading this will think this type of thing is an isolated event, or a product of the cultural revolution, or the fact that if they offered help, they may be held liable for his fate. The sad fact is that in the book I am reading about China in the 1880’s, the author tells the same story. He talks about seeing a man die in the streets and no one stopped to assist him, and that was 130 years ago. You really have to wonder about their sense of morals in China.

Dec 29, an 83-year-old man fell down on a sidewalk in Fuzhou City. 2 passers-by attempted to help but were held back by others for “their own good”. With the crowd watching, the old man laid on the icy ground till his last breath.

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