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Working Things Out in China- Glasses, Fighter Planes, Blah Blah

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 12, 2011

In China things have a way of working themselves out. For instance as I sit at my desk, I notice that the building in which I work leans to the right a tiny bit. This manufacturing hiccup may effect others but does not generally pose a problem to me. The reason is that my my new Chinese glasses
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Image from DesktopNexus.com

have cleverly been handcrafted to make vision from my left eye as clear as a hawk, while my right eye is practically useless. Thus as I sit here at work, everything looks nice and level.

You may be wondering however, how these poorly made eyeglasses effect my day to day life and my ability to move. I have found that in order to counteract the harmful effect of the Chinese eyeglasses, I must either wear an eye-patch or

Clipart Image: Cartoon Pirate with a Gold Tooth and an Eye Patch

walk sideways like a crab from place to place. I find that while I walk in the conventional sense of the word, when sporting my new Chinese specs, I look more like someone who is either constantly inspecting the nether regions of deep space or cracks in the sidewalk. Fed up with my inability to walk with the pride I was accustomed, I decided to march back to the optical shop from where I’d purchased the specs.

Upon returning to the high tech Chinese facility where I’d purchased my state of the art lenses,


I voiced my concerns to the saleswoman/cleaning lady/manager/optician/witchdoctor, who had sold me the specs . Upon glancing my way, the young woman consulted varoius tea leaves, threw chicken blood into my eyes, did a mysterious dance, held up an abacus, shook it like an etch a sketch, bashed at the little balls, then proclaimed that I was near sighted with a slight astigmatism. While demanding payment for her diagnosis.


Pointing at the document I’d filled out when I arrived, I claimed that I already knew this, but was wondering why it was impossible for me to make more forward then lateral headway as I ploughed along the Beijing streets. I told her I would not be prudent to pay her at this point, as she had not helped me in the least.

Shaking the abacus in my face, she proclaimed me a dunce, launched a sizable wad of phlegm the length of the room and summarily retreated, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

So I return to the reason for this post….Do you really think they can build a quality stealth jet plane in China?

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