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Chinese Businessmen and Laziness

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 16, 2011

The pace of working in a Chinese company is hectic. Hectic as in you need to be the first to the hallway to catch the elevator before its swamped with dozens of Chinese who dont realize that 1750 is the amount of weight an elevator can support, not the amount of passengers. Or hectic in terms of quickly covering up the book you are reading when a nosey neighbor happens by.

Chinese like to complain about their hard work, but seem to be stealthful at hiding just what it is they do at their jobs. Although they pass the day sighing and staring intently at their computer monitors, one has to wonder just what it is that consumes their days, as their output can be measured in the inaccurate reports and rubbish they put out.

Yeah I see plenty of meetings filled with ‘experts’- meaning old people who were educated during the cultural revolution- as if that were possible. These 55 year old ‘guests’ come to our sacred house of work empty handed and leave with little trinkets proudly displaying the name of our venerable organization. from there they are whisked off to dine at the finest restaurants in Beijing and then presumably trod home to live out the remainder of their miserable existences. The workers will then return to their respective desks,power up QQ and watch the latest moves, all for free on xunlei.

As for me I shake my head and wonder just wtf is so hard about working here.
This is Chinese living.

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