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Bolivia Puts the Coke in Their Cola

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 18, 2011

This is not China related but pretty cool. Bolivia’ indigenous president Evo Morales is trying to get the UN to scrap a ban on chewing coca leaves. Bolivia is apparently making a soda out of the stuff.

I say whats the harm? I visited Bolivia- La Paz and was given coca tea for altitude sickness. In the markets you can buy huge bags of the stuff or pennies. For the most part, the experience was interesting. Chewing the leaf does not give you an obvious ‘buzz’ but your face will become flushed and you will have more energy. To me it was like a smooth caffeine buzz.

Bolivians have some anger with the US and how we manhandle them in the foriegn arena. We send the DEA to the country and turn them against one another. To a certain degree I can understand the Bolivians and think the US has enough on its plate domestically to screw with Bolivia.

Also, when Coca Cola started out, it had cocaine as well. So why not give the Bolivians a chance, they are decent people.

“LA PAZ (Reuters) – A pale green energy drink made from coca leaves has given Bolivian President Evo Morales a boost as he tries to persuade the United Nations to scrap a ban on the traditional Andean practice of chewing the leaves.

Coca is the raw material for making cocaine, but Bolivians have chewed the leaves for centuries for it mild stimulant that reduces hunger and altitude sickness.”

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