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Dancing with The Devil- Obama and Hu

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 18, 2011

Americans can be pretty ignorant about world affairs- actually most countries are, but I am an American, so will focus on my own. While I love my country , I realize the flaws we possess.
Pictured below is an example of a grave flaw. No its not BO, the smooth talker who reminds me of a poolhustler cum pimp, but the fact that although we love to tout our virtuous ways, we in the end are not much different than Chinese.
What? you may ask?
Of course we are different, ie. taller, have wavy hair and eyes that come in more flavors than brown and black. And yeah we eat food free from toxins- for the most part, and breathe air that does not corrode our lungs. But my point goes much deeper.

Lets analyze your typical china-man. He has no religious beliefs and thus lives for the moment. He forces his obligatory one-child burden to study so that this child can then provide his parents with a comfortable living- hopefully outside of china when they are old. the china-man resents his life and coutnry men as they consume all of the resources that he believes is his. given the opportunity, he’d shove a person in front of a bus, just to move one half step ahead of the other 1 300 000 000 Chinese. He claims t hate the pollution suffocating him as he sleeps, and the corruption of the chinese communist party officials. yet, he drives a car three miles to work, waiting in 30 minute lines, just so he can avoid the bus. Oh yeah, although he despises the party he is a card carrying communist, in his mind he can change nothing so why try -‘what can i do, i am but one man.’ is his mantra.

Now for the American. He claims to be religious, and probably has deep rooted beliefs. He will attend church and pray for the unfortunate souls in Africa and those in china who suffer under the barbaric communist regime. while claiming to be a vicar of human rights, he will not purchase soccer balls sewn by the hands of five years olds, he will make his weekly trek to wal-mart to purchase the latest 5dollar gadget he must own. cursing the fact that the device is made in china and thus is of horrendous quality, he will then shrug his shoulders and say ‘what can i do, i am but one man.’

Turning on the nightly news, Joe American, with little to no knowledge of China, will see BO the hustler, ‘shucking and jiving’ with some fat-headed Chinese guy who is smiling like he urgently needs to defecate. Joe American will curse the bullet headed man and wonder why BO the dud is actually meeting with the guy.

Joe American will then vaguely recall someting about a prize called the “Nobel, or Noball’ or something of the sort that on a yearly basis is awareded to some good people. Joe A, will then recall that maybe this year some guy from China won the award, or maybe it was in ’89, he is unsure. Shrugging his shoulders he woders what he can do, after all , ‘what can i do, i am but one man.’

Spots his pooch lovingly looks at him as they both ingest toxic fibers from the Chinese drywall and Joe A moves to give his old Lab a treat. Straight from the Lucky Dragon Golden Luck ltd. Joe offers the hound the finest in Chinese melamine laced goodness.
Cursing the rise of China, he hopes that we as a country can do something to maintain our edge. But of course the word ‘we’ does not include Joe America, as he thinks
‘what can i do, i am but one man.’.

The essence of this rant is that we as Americans talk a good game. Claiming the moral high ground we pontificate and point fingers at others while rarely take a look at what is wrong with our country. One or our favorite pastimes is to badmouth or fear that which is unknown. when confronted with the ability to truly practice what we preach and bring good to the world, we avoid it, after all we really need our cadmium jewelry and toxic Chinese milk.

The communist regime in china is one of he bloodiest in history yet too many people are making money so its better to let sleeping dogs lie. For all the news reports of the atrocities of he party, like Chinese KTV workers, we sell our souls to the lowest bidder. At present the lowest bidder lives in China and belongs to the communist party.

If our empire should crumble one day I guess I will have to start a new blog
“Understanding our lack of Understanding- Expoloring the US implosion, One blog at a time”

Hu, Obama set up new economic dialogue
Chinese President Hu Jintao (L) shakes hands with his US counterpart Barack Obama during their first meeting in London, Britain, on April 1, 2009. [Xinhua]

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