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Chinese Circumcision- Dont try This at Home

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 21, 2011

My colleague seemed tired so I asked him what was wrong. He happily told me that his son had been in the hospital and had an operation. Feeling that this is not a cause for joy, I offered my condolences. Grinning he told me it was nothing serious, then struggled to explain.
What had happened was that his two year old had just been circumcised. I was like “2 years old and they did that?”
He then explained that in china this procedure was not practiced in the past, but now is. I dont know why they waited so long but they did. And in any event his kid had to spend a week in the hospital. I asked why and he said that in order to keep the kid from getting an infection, by touching the incision on his junk, they tie the kid down to a freaking bed for one week.! No kidding,. I think this is worth repeating. It is 2011 and this guy takes his kid to get circumcised and then the kid is forced to stay in the hospital for one week with his arms and legs tied to the bed posts so he doesn’t touch himself and ruin the procedure. He said they catheterized the kid and left him tied up for seven days.
Shaking my head in wonderment i figured at least things are better than a decade ago when they probably performed the procedure with pickaxes and pitchforks.

Wondering just what in the heck i would find out about china next, I went down to buy a dark cherry moca latte from Starbucks.

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