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China and Cruelty

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 22, 2011

This is a quote from a book written in 1890. The author is talking about Chinese punishment. The funny thing is that they have replaced the punishments below for those found here.The Civilization of China (Herbert Allen Giles)

Still farther back in Chinese history, we come upon punishments of ruthless cruelty, such as might be expected to prevail in times of lesser culture and refinement. Two thousand years ago, the Five Punishments were–branding on the forehead, cutting off the nose, cutting off the feet, mutilation, and death; for the past two hundred and fifty years, these have been–beating with the light bamboo, beating with the heavy bamboo, transportation for a certain period, banishment to a certain distance, and death,

56 Responses to “China and Cruelty”

  1. Richard Seeto said

    What has this to do with modern China? Are you still living in the past 25 years or what?

    • Richard Seeto's Psychiatrist said

      Richard Seeto- aka ‘blog Stalker’- This is your physician Dr. Crinklheim. Have you been forgetting to take your anti-psychotics? Dont make us come for you with the jacket that zippers on the rear….

    • Left China said

      Hahaha you dumbass, you said 25 years is ancient history. I thought Chinese were good at math.

  2. Richard Seeto said

    What has this to do with modern China? Are you still living in the past 250 years or what?

  3. It’s true that punishments “WERE” harsh in China and probably didn’t change much until after the Communists came into power in 1949.

    In fact, the main character in my first two historical fiction novels lived in China from 1854 to 1908 and wrote in one of his letters or journal entrees that the Chinese often punished the innocent along with the guilty to rid the society of the problem while British common law often allowed the guilty to go free on a technicality.

    In fact, even under Mao and possibly still today, the Chinese punish an entire family for the crimes of one member of that family. That punishment might not be death for the family as it was in Imperial China as it might still be for the criminal but it could mean being sent to a far province so the tainted family is considered responsible for raising a criminal and is removed as far from the rest of Han China as possible to a remote area in rural China.

    Robert Hart (based on a real person), the main character in my novels, couldn’t make up his mind which legal system he preferred—the brutal Chinese method that existed before the Communists came to power or the lenient guilty until proven innocent methods of the West and America.

    However, the real changes started to take place after Mao died. Under Deng Xiaoping and the open door policy, China modernized and then the US sponsored China to join the World Trade Organization (WTO). To belong to the WTO, China had to have a legal system similar to western democracies and/or industrialized modern nations. To achieve this, China wrote a new constitution in 1982, eight years after Mao’s death. This new constitution has been the foundation guiding China into the modern nation it is becoming.

    The chances are that China’s new legal system and new profession (lawyers — yes there are law schools in China now educating lawyers in the new laws that are still evolving as China studies and learns from the legal systems of Western countries then adapts those laws to fit Chinese culture. The number of crimes that result in the death penalty have been reduced a lot.

  4. Daniel Bos said

    For your education, I recommend you read the following article on the romanticized Feudal Tibet before and during the rise of Communist China: http://www.michaelparenti.org/Tibet.html

  5. Richard Seeto said

    Dr. Crinklebum aka WDBumole. You better come and get me before they take you away for all the crap that you are endeavouring shitting over China. Sorry friend, the wind is too strong and will blow them all over your worthless face amd maybe over to Ameeriika as well.

    • This is not my blog but the owner of this website, an American who is living in China and rubbishing the country left, right and centre and yet, the patient and long suffering Chinese government has not taken any action to turf out this ungracious and filthy-minded pig of the American Causcasian kind. The world can see how the Yanks deal with freedom of speech and thoughts.

      • Hi and thanks?

        What does ‘rubbishing’ mean?

      • Left China said

        Hey Richard, aka Dick, are you one of those psycho ex red guards who emigrated to civilization and now rabidly defends the ‘motherland’?

        If so, please stay away from cutlery like all of your brain mangled Chinese peers ok?

    • Left China said

      Richard Seeto, aka another brain dead chicom who should have been aborted.

  6. You bunch of faking assholes. It seems that poling fun at someone who do not agree with you is not enough you try to assasinate his good name. Very brave hiding under some stupid made up gooky name and pretending to be me. What a smart bunch of yankee doodle dandies you bunch of Mothers turned out to be. Man you are not the only one who can use dirt. You do not belong to this planet. Take a good look at yourselves, you bunch of ingrate Honkies.

    • Hahahaha!



      Is that word still in existence?

      Thanks for stopping by anyway.

    • Me said

      Hey ‘Dick’ Seeto, what does ‘poling fun of’ mean? Also, what does it mean to ‘use dirt’?

      Can you have your wife’s English teacher, aka lover , translate your gobblyde gook into human for us?

      • Asshole; You know it was a typo and it should be Poking; i.e. And that you should be poking through with a flaming hot rod coming out of your filthy “white” mouth. You bunch of white mothers are so lacking in intelligence and intellect, no wonder the rest of the world do not take you seriously anymore. You have no more credulity here on earth and your kind do not belong here. Period.

      • Me said

        Rock head Richard, are you sure you mean to say that they do not have ‘credulity’? Better Google that word dumba$$.
        Jiayou Richard Shito Jiaoyou!

  7. You are so brave that you attack under cover of pseudonyms. Good Mister Left China. Good riddance to bad rubbish!!!

  8. Dick Seeto said

    My pseudonym is ‘China is a shit pit’

  9. My reply to you is: So you are now Dick Seeto? Wot? You are fucking ashamed of your white honky Yankee Doodle identity? Fuck Off this planet. You belong in Hell !!!!

  10. You fucking brave piece of Yankee Shit, show your fucking leper face and let’s see how brave you are.

  11. This is the way the World infamous American way of assassinating Character when he cannot win an argument. Hooray for fair and above board Yankee tactic. What has China to worry about the Yanks; they are on the way down, down to hell for all the iniquities they have committed on the world at large for the past 2 centuries.

    • Glad I am not Chinese said

      You assassinated your own character when you went off your anti-psychotic meds.

      • China was civilised when your kind were still climbing rocks like rock apes, Asshole. You’re Chinese? Maybe the next life if God is kind to rock apes.

      • Hate to break it to you but China has never been civilized. Read a book or two and you will see how Chinese have been killing baby girls for thousands of years. They would just dump them in wells and still do. They have never had the rule of law nor democracy , but suffer under dictatorships. They worship Mao who killed more Chinese than all other emperors combined.

        As for China being advanced, wtf? What have they done? They built a big fence, so fking what? The Romans built CIVILIZATIONS, the Greeks created democracy and the Chinese? They built a fence, I repeat so fking what?

        The Chinese have 2.6 times more people today than America ever did and what do they have to show for it? A big fking fence, so what? Were is their Edison, or Jobs? They are value destroyers, all they know how to do is bribe and steal. If it were not for rent seeking behavior, the Chinese would still be living like apes, just like they did in the 1990’s and before.

        Te more one knows about Chinese history, the more they realize how messed up this place is.

  12. Gday,
    I was contemplating adding a hyperlink back to your website since both of our web sites are primarily based around the same topic.
    Would you prefer I link to you using your website
    address: https://wtdevflnt.wordpress.com/2011/01/22/china-and-cruelty/ or blog title: China and Cruelty Understanding China,
    One Blog at a Time. Please let me know! Thanks alot 🙂

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