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Great News From China- Oh Shit, Wait a Moment

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 23, 2011

Here is some uhhh great news from China? According to the chinadaily-communist-mouthpiece-pos, the benevolent chicoms are investing over U$600 in water projects over the next ten years. It sounds like a great idea, why not build more dams so the people of Vietnam and India have less water to consume, after all , its all about resources isnt it?
The bad news, other than the fact that the chicoms will be choking of water supplies to southeast Asia, is that although U$600 000 000 000 is planned for the endeavor, that is what is earmarked, but like all things Chinese we must look under the hood and examine the reality of the numbers.

U$ 600 000 000 000 planned expenditure
-400 000 000 rework caused by shitty materials
-200 000 000 rework caused by shitty labor
-200 000 000 000 hong bao’s or bribes which will end up in the pockets of people who send their kids to our countries to ‘study’
-50 000 000 000 -ktv expenses less, hookers and alcohol
– 100 000 000 000-ktv ‘comfort laborers’ and alcohol

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