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Not Satisfied with Poisining Our Milk, China Aims To Poison our Feet With a Chinese Branded Shoe

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 23, 2011

Some chinese guy who the world never heard of is trying to peddle his shoes in the land of milk and honey. Dont get me wrong, some good stuff can be put together or assembled in China, but the owners of the companies are non-Chinese. The thing is that Chinese do not have the same standers, morals and ethics that most countries do and thus their products mirror this.
Anyway this guy is trying to peddle his ‘shoddy sneakers’. Buy at your own risk.

“BEIJING – Chinese athletic shoemaker Li-Ning knew it couldn’t “out-Nike” Nike, especially in the sporting giant’s own backyard. So the company is going low-budget edgy in its expansion to the U.S, using an irreverent YouTube video to play up its heritage while taking a lighthearted dig at the company name shared with its high-profile founder. Li-Ning is among the first Chinese consumer product brands trying to build a following in the U.S., seeking to grab a slice of its saturated but highly coveted market. As China’s economic might increases — it last year overtook Japan as the second-biggest economy after the U.S. — its companies are increasingly confident about expansion overseas. But corporate China has yet to produce a brand with the global name recognition of the likes of Apple, Sony or Google.

“It’s a process of finding out — while staying true to our heritage, our brand — what side of our DNA is going to resonate with the American consumer,” said Jay Li, general manager for Li-Ning International. “We’re still searching, to be perfectly honest with you. And we’re not in a hurry.”

[ delay +5 hours]

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Chinese Super Stealth Fighter Uses USA Tech?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 23, 2011

Here is something from AP. Apparently the Super cool, Super Destroyer Super Secret Chinese stealth fighter may be using some USA technology. Aside from what they no doubt have nicked from us, they supposedly are using things scrounged from a fighter that was downed in 1998. WTF?
We are running scared about a fighter that is using tech that was probably ten years old at the time it was downed? Does anyone find it funny that at the exact time the guys controlling the purse strings in DC are tightening the reigns on spending that we hear about this super Chinese fighter?

“BRUSSELS – Chinese officials recently unveiled a new, high-tech stealth fighter that could pose a significant threat to American air superiority — and some of its technology, it turns out, may well have come from the U.S. itself. Balkan military officials and other experts have told The Associated Press that in all probability the Chinese gleaned some of their technological know-how from an American F-117 Nighthawk that was shot down over Serbia in 1999.

Nighthawks were the world’s first stealth fighters, planes that were very hard for radar to detect. But on March 27, 1999, during NATO’s aerial bombing of Serbia in the Kosovo war, a Serbian anti-aircraft missile shot one of the Nighthawks down. The pilot ejected and was rescued.

It was the first time one of the much-touted “invisible” fighters had ever been hit. The Pentagon believed a combination of clever tactics and sheer luck had allowed a Soviet-built SA-3 missile to bring down the jet. The wreckage was strewn over a wide area of flat farmlands, and civilians collected the parts — some the size of small cars — as souvenirs.

“At the time, our intelligence reports told of Chinese agents crisscrossing the region where the F-117 disintegrated, buying up parts of the plane from local farmers,” says Adm. Davor Domazet-Loso, Croatia’s military chief of staff during the Kosovo war.

“We believe the Chinese used those materials to gain an insight into secret stealth technologies … and to reverse-engineer them,” Domazet-Loso said in a telephone interview.

A senior Serbian military official confirmed that pieces of the wreckage were removed by souvenir collectors, and that some ended up “in the hands of foreign military attaches.”

Efforts to get comment from China’s defense ministry and the Pentagon were unsuccessful.”

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Chinese New Year Cometh so Watch Your Vital Organs

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 23, 2011

Here is an excerpt from this site. I have seen a lot of information lately about organ harvesting in China. According to the article below, now is the prime time for organ harvesting from prisoners to watch your kidneys….

” Executions often come in floods, usually around the holidays, according to the investigator. This week, with the Labor Day celebrations that started May 1, is viewed by Chinese doctors as a particularly good time to get an organ, but there’s no better time than the Lunar New Year, she added. Most—perhaps 70 percent—of the hospitals performing the procedures are run by the military, which has the best connections to the penal system and can be present at executions, she explains. Money from patients purchasing organs is dispersed among those who provide access to the prisoner’s body. Hospitals even pay judges to tip them off when they sentence a suitable donor to death. “The money goes to officials all of the way up the line,” she says. “It goes to the courts, the people in charge of the prisons. It goes to the doctors, the hospitals, everything.” ”

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The Role of the Communist Party in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 23, 2011

CPC&LawMEDfullxg (apple)

Excellent paper from ssrn.com here:

“Another sensible reminder of the central role of the Party can easily be found in the Civil Servants Law, 2005 , where art. 4 reaffirms the tight control of the Party over the personnel machinery of the State, which is one of the pillars, alongside with the grasp over the Military, that guarantee CPC’s steady centrality in the PRC. Art. 4 As just anticipated, the other main pillar of CPC’s rule is its grasp over the Military establishment: despite using more than forty times the word ‘State’ in relation with the Military, the National Defense Law, 1997 , mentions the usual Socialist System 7 in the General Principles, and, in art. 19, clearly states that “the Armed Forces of the PRC are led by the Communist Party of China”, and that “Party organizations within the Armed Forces perform their activities in accordance with the Party Constitution”. Art. 19 Facing such straightforwardness, and the rare chance to see a political document, the Party Constitution, directly mentioned in a national statute, there’s not much to add or comment. Two other examples of the presence of direct links to Party Constitution and organizations can be found (i) in the Village Committees Organic Law, 1998 : Art. 3 …and (ii) in the Company Law, 1993 amend. 1999, 2004: Art. 19 It’s curious that in these two pieces of legislation we’re reminded the obvious notion that Party organizations act and function according to Party rules. The assertion of Party rule seems to have become here an attempt to protect Party fabric in entities (democratically elected village committees and income-pursuing driven enterprises) that might tend to forget the ultimate source of authority. – A field I will not investigate here (for lack of space and knowledge) but that deserves further research is that of Case Law. Can instructions and goals contained in CPC policy papers (issued by the Party itself or jointly by the Party and State organs, like the State 8 Council and its General Office) or Party internal norms themselves, be regarded as ‘guiding principles’”

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Going to The Gym in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 23, 2011

It’s Sunday and I will shortly be off to the gym. I guess my new gym is considered to be a luxury gym in China, or so the price would indicate. To me as for all things ‘luxurious’ in China, this only means you pay more for the same level of service and misery.
The workers trade up the horrible green poly uniforms for ones made of cotton but still lack the basics in terms of communications skills, even in Chinese. The Chinese, ignorant of what real customer service is, are happy they due to the exorbitant price of the place, there are fewer Chinese with which to do battle for the gym services. As for me, I’d prefer to stay away from the newly affluent- its odd how people, fifteen years removed from abject poverty can quickly forget who they really are. Stepping out of a Volvo, they will spit on the ground after hacking up a delicious wad of phlegm, and then leave their car parked on the curb, like a hillbilly. To me its a joke.

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Surveillance in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 23, 2011

‘People have been driven from one corner to another corner of the city. Many among us also have to endure illegal surveillance, home searches, forced repatriation, detention, re-education through labour, being locked in psychiatric asylums, phone-tapping, harassment

and other ways of suppression.’ (Zheng Enchong, a Shanghai lawyer)

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