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China’s Huawei To Set Up Security Center in Britain- Inviting The Fox Into the Hen House

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 25, 2011

China’s Huawei To Set Up Security Center in Britain-

China has a company called Huawei. This company makes routers and such and has been maligned for the fact that the guy who started the company was an officer in China’s red army. Yeah, let me say it again. The man who started the company was an officer in China’s Red Army and joined China’s communist party in 1978. Being the intelligent sort, he is very silent about the role he now plays within the organization. A quick google search provides an ample supply of rumor mongering about the concerns that companies have in terms of getting in bed with a Chinese company that is privately held and thus no one really knows who controls what is happening within the organization….

Countries who deal with Huawei are rightly concerned (imho), as the allegations of spying run deep, so the braintrust at Huawei is setting up a ‘security center’ in Britain, to purportedly assist in testing their equipment. Hmmmm, to me this sounds very reasonable and I am sure that the Huawei employees culled from the bowels of the company and/or certain unnamed chinese agencies who may be supporting it, will use the customary Chinese ethics/morals when and if they test the machinery…..

(and before someone bleats “uh, the facility will be staffed with locals – ie non chinese – you dumbazz- I will ask you to be quiet and drink some milk, eat some cookies and be quiet while the big folks are discussing ‘big folks’ things. If you would research the company and the role it is allegedly playing in other countries then you may get my point and any number of implications this post has, if you don’t then go play with your tinker toys, maybe chew on them, I heard they are tasty)


SHANGHAI – China’s top telecommunications equipment maker Huawei Technologies said on Monday that it has established a security center in Britain to allow its products and software to be examined and tested.

Huawei, which has seen its plans for global expansion crimped by national security concerns among foreign governments, hopes that its Cyber Security Evaluation Center, opened last month in Britain’s Banbury, will allay those fears.”

One Response to “China’s Huawei To Set Up Security Center in Britain- Inviting The Fox Into the Hen House”

  1. B5 said

    Huawei is a communist front. Check the history, the guy who started it was a communist and as you have shown in the comments from the Mcgregor book, The Party, once a communist, always a communist. The company is scary and we are fools.

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