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Friendly Neighborhood Chinese Spy in the USA- Chinese Nationals Compromising US Security

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 25, 2011

There are many high profile cases of Chinese coming to the land of milk and honey and offered all the freedoms therein, but who cannot keep from sending secrets back to the motherland. This is a story of such a guy who at the age of 72, could have been sending secrets about secret US military technology. At the end of the day we are idiots for employing guys like this aren’t we?

from here

The US Department of Justice yesterday announced further high profile arrests of Americans alleged to have acted as technology spies for communist China. Justice Dept (DoJ) spokesmen said the accused – including a former Boeing engineer and a Defense Department official – had passed the secrets of the Space Shuttle, among other things, to espionage agencies of the People’s Republic. Meanwhile, Chinese techbiz acquisitions in America were characterised as a national security risk.

Semi-retired engineer Greg Chung, 72, was cuffed by feds and agents from NASA Counter-intelligence* at his California home “without incident”, according to the DoJ. It was alleged that Chinese-born Chung, a US citizen of some decades’ standing who worked for Rockwell and Boeing, had passed classified information about the Space Shuttle, the C-17 military airlifter, the B-1 bomber, and the Delta IV rocket to PRC spies. Chung was said to have been involved with the Chi Mak espionage ring.

US Attorney Thomas P O’Brien said: “Mr Chung is accused of stealing restricted technology that had been developed over many years by engineers who were sworn to protect their work product… Disclosure of this information to outside entities like the PRC would compromise our national security.”

FBI honcho Salvador Hernandez added: “The FBI is committed to protecting America’s assets from foreign thievery. The FBI will continue to work with NASA, the defense community and other federal agencies to safeguard our nation’s technology.”

The feds allege that Chung had been groomed by commie spies as early as 1979, and quoted a PRC handler as writing to him saying: “It is your honour and China’s fortune that you are able to realise your wish of dedicating yourself to the service of your country.”

Chung was charged with 14 espionage-related offences. In theory, if found guilty on all counts, he could face fines of more than $5m and prison sentences totalling in excess of 150 years.”

2 Responses to “Friendly Neighborhood Chinese Spy in the USA- Chinese Nationals Compromising US Security”

  1. Richard Seeto said

    Talking about lincoln logs. Here is Mr. bliddy bling Blogs going through the whole bag and caboodle of China’s daily lives, past historie, heresays and peculiar oddities and anything else, relevant or otherwise to blacken China’s good name so that she will lose face in the eyes of the world, is standing on her blinging blong blop legs to condemn hoonky hing hong.
    He seems to have a one blinging bling blongs that China takes from the US ignoring how many things, goods, valuables, artifacts, information and technology that America and the West have stolen from China and the Chinese people in centuries past and continue to do so in this day and age without payment nor acknowledgment.
    What is the blooper bladoble doing to piddly poo pahhhHorse? Or is bubooof bang bang, she doesn’t even mind when some idoloaingbomo.
    Talking about the kettle calling another one, black.
    Such is the hypocrisy and double standard practiced by Western Mentality. In other words, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

    • Real Richard Seeto said

      I, the real Richard Seeto would like to apologize for any of the fake Richard Seeto’s who may be posting on this site. It is with utmost sincerity that I swear my allegiance to all that is western, including her form of governance, while true those uneducated sots who call themselves my ancestors did escape China, I bear it no ill will.

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