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Off Topic But Funny- Rant By K8

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 26, 2011

Here is part of a funny post from this site. I enjoy the post as I can relate to her on many levels, to wit she is stuck in MI(sorry  if you really like it there K8, but  I was by Flint,so I’m jaded). But other than that, she has the remarkable ability to say what’s on her mind in a playful manner.

From So far from interesting – The Ramblings and Adventures of A Tightly Wound Girl


I’m tired of my last post, so I decided an update is in order.  I can’t be bothered to form one cohesive thought, or even come up with a title apparently, so this will be in my popular form of “Things”.

1)  My immediate family is a remarkably unlucky bunch.  My Mother isn’t quite as afflicted as my brothers and I are, but she gets her fair share.  It gets laughable at times, but today it wasn’t so laughable.  I’m quite confident that 2010 will go down as the worst year in our collective history, and it’s barely half over.  To write an entire blog post about how unbelievably rough my brothers and I have it when, in reality, I know other people in the world are suffering far more than we are and have, seems like a ridiculous sentiment now that I’ve thought about it for a few minutes.  However, an assload of badness has been heaped upon myself and my brothers this year and, frankly, I think it’s total horseshit.  Edit:  I was thinking, during the middle of the night, that I should probably state the obvious here, in case people think I’m unaware.  Obviously, some of our misfortune comes from bad choices, not always bad luck.

2)  I’m starting a new job on August 2nd.  I am immensely grateful that a paycheck is in my future.  That’s all I have to say about that for now.

3)  The AMC Forum 30 is $5 all day Monday through Thursday (except for weekday premieres), so we saw Inception today and it was nearly mind-blowing and the most original premise and script I’ve seen in ages.  Dicaprio is pretty much my favorite actor nowadays.  He is fascinating.

4)  Went on an adventure in the D with Momma this past Friday (blog post with photos coming soon) and had an awesome time.  The bonus was that everything we did, other than eating, was free!  Do you know about the little oasis that is Belle Isle on a weekday?  I had no idea!  There’s a conservatory, a nature zoo, a beach and a nautical museum there and they are all free!

read the rest here.

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