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China’s Communist Party

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 29, 2011

China’s Long March toward Rule of Law (Randall Peerenboom)

The Party’s actual role in governing the country is at odds with or not reflected in the Constitution or other legal documents. In some cases, Party policies continue to trump laws. The nomenklatura system whereby the Party is able to appoint or at least veto the appointment of key members of the people’s congresses and courts undermines the legitimacy, independence, and authority of the legislature and judiciary. Senior Party members, moreover, are generally subject to sanctions, if at all, by Party discipline committees rather than the courts, in flagrant violation of the fundamental rule-of-law principle that the law applies equally to rulers and commoners alike. Further, the government continues to limit civil society and political dissidents are denied their rights as provided by law.

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