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Poor Translation in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 31, 2011

This photos is fuzzy so I am unsure as to what it said, but i recall it was a lousy translation. Or maybe it was just humorous to me as the label said something like “Edible” or “healthy food” in China….

One Response to “Poor Translation in China”

  1. Megan said

    While I was recently in China I saw some really funny examples of miss-translations. As much as they were humorous, as the same time it was quite alarming that large establishments would allow such text to be assocated with their company name. The concept of quality Chinese translation doesn’t seem to be high on the list of priorities for many businesses in China. I think this is a shame really, as with the growing number of Ex-pats in the PRC good translations could really have a positive impact on commerce.

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