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Beijing Still Has No Snow, Breaking a Record- China’s Ecology is Dying

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 1, 2011

Beijing has had no snow this year! This is the first time it has happened in recorded history. The northern part of China is undergoing a severe drought which is leaving many to live like the damned. But dont worry, with all of the cash uncle c and his crew have siphoned off the money trough, they can afford to go to places like Australia, England, Canada and the USA…

Beijing's big dry set to stretch the record
Residents in Hanyu village, in Shandong province’s Zaozhuang city, wait for drinking water on Sunday ahead of the Spring Festival, which falls on Feb 3 this year. Zaozhuang has seen no effective rain since September, causing severe water shortages. [Photo/China Daily]

BEIJING – Sunday was the capital city’s 84th snow-free day this winter, making it the longest winter period without snow in Beijing since records began 60 years ago.

And there is no sign of snow falling in Beijing in the next 10 days, which means the city is unlikely to enjoy a “white” Chinese New Year, which falls on Feb 3, according to local meteorologists.

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