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You Think Your Retirement Sucks, Go to China- They Live Like Parakeets

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 2, 2011

Ever benevolent Chicoms raised the pension for those chinese who were unlucky enough to be stuck here and could not leave thus have to live in the misery that her rise has caused, to an earth shattering 140RMB PER PERSON PER MONTH!!
Wow, lets see, that means that your typical doddering old China man gets about U$ 20 from her government, if and only if they worked for SOE’s, which leaves about
1 238 765 546 people not in receipt of the benefit. In addition to this, that princely sum of U$ 20 will not go as far as you may think.
After inflationary pressures your U$ 20 per month will buy
– 1/2 of one bribe
– 1/3 of a library card
– 1/10 of a Kindle book reader
– 1/40 of an Ipad
– 1/ 250 of a QQ car
– 1/1000000 of a beijing home
– 5 bags of those shitty seeds that all Chinese eat

“The State Council, or the Cabinet, decided at an executive meeting last December to raise the retired enterprise employees’ pension about 10 percent from 2010 levels, or about 140 yuan per person per month in 2011.

The MOF also said local governments had issued 10.24 billion yuan of festival subsidies to 85.97 million people.”

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