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I Feel Sorry For China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 3, 2011

It is the first day of the Chinese new year and I am house bound. Beijing is a tomb now and not much is open. I guess my purgatory is to be stuck here with Chinese TV, thus the reason for this rant.
As I sit here I marvel at the raft of garbage the communist party broadcasts to these folks. In between hokie kung fu flicks that look like they are from the 60’s , the chicoms sneak in ‘talk shows’ and Chinese ‘professional basketbal’l.
The talk shows are nothing more than a bunch of communist party members debating the good and bad of China. Being fantatics, the bad they will address in China, mainly centers around how China is now becoming more westernized, and thus evil.
As for Chinese “professional basketball”. I would like to state that the level of basketballing that they exhibit in this place is no more ‘professional’ than is exhibited on the hardwood in any pickup game at a juunior high in Flint MI. Not to degrade their basketball, I am merely stating a fact. I also had the misfortune to live in the Flint area and in addition to rampant prostitution, drug abuse and homicides, they also have excellent basketball players. Thus to make this comparison may not be as bad as it seems. Anyway, i sit here and watch these Chinese guys who posses the speed of a tortoise and couple it with the agility sloth. I guess I shouldn’t bitch, after all , it is China, the land of fraud and the games are probably fixed anyway. And if they are fixed , the players probably dont really care.
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