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I Love Uncle Chicom

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 5, 2011

It would appear that my blog is no longer blocked in China, or at least Beijing. To this I must say that I love uncle Chicom- warm hugs and big kisses to you and your over bearing bretheren!

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Hong Kong and The Communists

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 5, 2011

I have a friend from the UK who tried to publish his book in Hong Kong. In order for it to be accepted the communist party had to read and Ok the book before it could be published, even there.

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“Freedom in the Chinese Media”

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 5, 2011

Stanley Lubman on China’s tight control of the media.

“…, and that all cooperation between local TV and radio stations with foreign companies must be approved by the government. A document issued by the Propaganda Department and four other ministries has prohibited foreign investors from “establishing news organizations, broadcasting stations, TV stations and film manufacturing companies, performing troupes, film imports, exports and distribution; foreign investors were also barred from book and magazine publishing, printing, and advertising.” Another source of potentially corrupting cultural influences was hit by a SARFT notice in September, 2005 requiring that that all foreign animation films to be examined and approved before they could be shown. Even more clearly reflecting the Chinese leadership’s concern with regulating foreign media to keep out subversive influences was a directive issued in September, 2006 that requires all foreign media to seek approval…”

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Chinese Woman Sells Herself into Marriage

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 5, 2011

from this site.
The following is an ad from a woman who is over the hill according to Chinese standards. She will sell herself into a marriage. Starting bid is 23 800 rmb or about 4 000 U$.

excerpt:(Wenzhou) I’m thirty years old, female. I’m not professionally successful at the moment and see no better way of finding my other half. That being said, I’m still a virgin! My new year’s resolution? It’s to harvest both in my career and love life. Help me say goodbye to my singledom and bid for me starting at 25,800 yuan. Yet, if you were really my type I would consider waiving your payment. In other words, I might be totally free for you. I just have faith that he is right on his way! Oh, one more thing, if you are interested in me, please go add my QQ. That’s 503320995.

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Shanghai and Divorce

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 5, 2011

Shanghai long known as the “Whore of the Orient”, currently has a divorce rate of 25%.

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Chinese Sexual Mores

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 5, 2011

from huffingtonpost.com
“What’s going on here? One thing is for sure: sexual mores in the People’s Republic are dramatically more liberal now versus fifteen or twenty years ago when economic reform really began to pick up steam. Prostitution is everywhere; it’s difficult to check into a three-star hotel without being accosted in the lobby by pimps or “pleasure girls” plying their trade. Every high-ranking cadre seems to sport a Gucci-clad xiao laopo – i.e.., mistress or “little wife.” Premarital sex is common place; ten years ago, most college students graduated as virgins while today less than half do. Sex paraphernalia shops, usually managed by old ladies in lab coats, are as ubiquitous as massage parlors, most of which offer “happy endings” for, I’m told, a reasonable fee. Karaoke joints, both seedy and ornate, transform “singing with the boys” into meat markets, as mama-sans parade comely country girls for inspection in between rounds of dice games and off-key musical discharge. Gay clubs have popped up in every city; “money boys” prowl dance floors in search of tricks. On line pornography, despite the government’s intermittent, half-hearted crack downs, blankets cyber space, covering every possible predilection. (And it’s free.) ”

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Chinese Subway

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 5, 2011

Chinese waiting at the subway station
2011 January 19th, Ningbo East Railway Station's temporary waiting area is filled with waiting passengers, with many of the passengers having brought blankets to sleep on the ground.photo from chinasmack.

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Chinese Don’t Boff

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 5, 2011

According to Durex, a global condom manufacturer, Chinese married couples rank 3rd to last in the amount of times they have sex per week. I guess that is why China has so many ‘dragon moms’ who constantly ride their children (pardon the pun) about getting good grades. It’s either sexual frustration or maybe the Chinese are just built differently…
The good news is that the KTV houses should be financially solvent for many years to come.

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Be Wary of Chinese Stocks Sold in The USA

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 5, 2011

Read the info below. This excerpt points to the endemic problems that China and her industry and companies have. Although it is the norm to tout the Chinese miracle, one has to wonder when it will crash. After living in this place, I would never consider investing in a Chinese company as the level of corruption here dwarfs that of Mexico or Brazil, both countries I have worked in. One need only think back to Japan in the 80’s and the Asian tigers in the late 90’s and wonder who is it that is gaining from all of the pro-China press vz her great rise and the benefit of investing here. Yes it makes sense for large corporations to be here as they need cash so they will not admit what is happening in this place, after all, they just want a return for their stockholders and an hefty bonus to boot. Thus, I sit here and wonder what will happen when the bottom falls out and the reality of China hits us all.

excerpt from here:

“There’s mounting evidence that the dubious Chinese fiscal picture and corruption has spread beyond the government accounting, SOE’s, and banks, and into the company level in non finance companies as well. ForensicAsia takes a picture of the fiscal health of non financial companies on whole, then uses as a baseline the composite fiscal health of companies prior to past crises, such as Scandinavia in 1990, Mexico in 1993, and Thailand in 1996. “Gearing exceeded 100% of shareholders equity and returns on equity were around 10% or below on the eve of crises,” says ForensicAsia. The composite score also takes into account working capital, quality of earnings, and balance sheet governance. The threshold is typically 25% of companies showing signs of weak financials. Chinese companies on whole are showing signs of excess leverage, low returns on equity, and a heavy reliance on equity offerings and debt issuance. Price signals to companies and entrepreneurs were distorted by the massive government stimulus, with companies responding by gearing up for worldwide growth when much of Europe is in retrenchment and the US mired in slow growth. So long as the flood of IPOs and credit flows freely, the corporations look healthy. Like Warren Buffet said “It’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who’s been swimming naked.” Australian companies, which are heavily cyclical and with a large share of mining companies, are also reaching pre-crises levels with stressed fiscal conditions.”

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Buy a Pregnancy Test in China Get an Abortion Discount Coupon

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 5, 2011

File this under “Freaking monsters”
from chinahopealive.net
“If you buy a pregnancy test today in Tianjin, China (we’re not pregnant), it comes with one of these (below), because if you’re potentially pregnant in China the first thing you’re apparently supposed to do is consider killing your baby. And judging from the amount of advertising, pre-birth infanticide is not only much more convenient than traditional infanticide, it’s a cash cow: DSC00662infanticideadedit1.jpg

This is an abortion discount card for a local hospital. Mouseover the Chinese text below to see the pronunciation. The front says:

PAINLESS ABORTION Assistance Card” 无痛人流援助卡
“Assistance amount: $50 援助金额:326元
Tianjin City Family Planning [Government-]Appointed Hospital 天津市计划生育定点医院
Painless Abortion Assistance Hotline 无痛人流援助热线

And then it has the address, bus routes, and website. The back is worse:


The back compares three kinds of abortion: abortion via drugs 药物流产, ordinary abortion 普通人工流产, and (in the pink column) “Blah-blah Hospital’s Hysteroscopy Obtain Embryo Surgery” XX医院宫腔镜取胚术 (a Tianjin City Women’s Federation Designated Medical Treatment Aid Hospital 天津市妇联指定医疗救助医院). Here’s what the pink column says:

  • Surgery eligibility 适应症 (“medical indication”):
    • “up to and including the 11th week.”
  • Surgery time 手术时间:
    • “three minutes” 3分钟。
  • Anesthetic 麻醉:
    • “short-term effect I.V. anesthetic” 短效静脉麻醉。
  • Patient’s surgery experience 手术者感受:
    • “sweet dreams during the surgery, wake up promptly, cozy and cheerful after the surgery” 术中甜梦、术后即醒、舒适愉悦。
  • Harmful side-effects 不良反应:
    • “very few complications, won’t affect subsequent pregnancies, can go to work the next day” 并发症极少、不影响再次怀孕、转天即可上班。

Under the chart it says you can get:

  1. “a free ‘early avoidance early pregnancy detection’/ultrasound exam (valued at $20 USD)”
  2. “$30 USD off an abortion (Please present this card when visiting)”

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