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Bored in China- I Miss My 5 000 000 Friends

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 6, 2011

Its still the Chinese new year so about 5 000 000 of my closest friends have left Beijing. The result is that I have to avoid a lot less saliva on the streets and yes I can get a cab and sit on the subway, but an an odd way I feel lonely. Its as if China, without 24% of all its people is no different than Iowa. Well with the exception that in Iowa they dont harvest the organs of prisoners and hold them in black jails, and routinely steal the land from the people while killing them if they dont leave….ooops I mean the feeling is similar insofar as you can walk all day and see a handful of people. So in an odd sort of way I miss those millions of people who somehow give Beijing its soul.

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