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China Stealing Russian Tech?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 8, 2011

I saw this online
” China ordered 125 Sukhoi-27 fighters from Russia, but strangely cancelled the delivery after only 35 Sukhoi-27 Fighters were delivered to China, Saying the Sukhoi-27, “No longer met their needs.”
Years later, China announces the J-11 fighter, which looks exactly like the Sukhoi-27 fighter from Russia!
China also announces their innovative WS-10A turbofan engines, which strangely looks very similar in design & specs to the Russian AL-31F turbofan engines that were used in the previously stolen Sukhoi-27 fighter!
Since Russia has stated they are cancelling further high-tech fighters to China, and selling them to India instead, should kinda give you a hint on what they think about Chinese innovations!
Which should also answer China’s questions of why the US won’t provide “high-tech” to your country!

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Foxes Guarding the Hen House

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 8, 2011

I read something, I think from the Richard McGregor book, (The Party, The Secret World of China’s Communist Party, that in China) crimes can only be investigated by one’s superior or their superiors. As China has no independent judiciary or Senate or Congress to maintain a system of checks and balances like the US, this means that the 8 or 9 most powerful members of China’s Communist party, have no one to whom they are held accountable nor who can check up on their actions. The author concluded that these people are totally and completely above the law.

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New China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 8, 2011

This quote from HST reminds me of China today.

Hunter S Thompson (The Rum Diary)

“It was a new wave of Okies, heading south instead of west, and in San Juan they were kingfish because they had literally taken over. They formed clubs and staged huge social events, and finally one of them began publishing a merciless scandal sheet that terri­fied”

[delay +3 hours

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Chinese Trend Setters?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 8, 2011

WTF? This article is talking about retro Chinese sneakers being hip? Chinese used to wear sneakers? The only authentic footware I have seen is those old fashioned Mao slippers.


Heart and Sole

Retro Chinese sneakers are adorning trendy feet around the globe

While mainstream America toys with ideas about what it wants from a sneaker, Chinese brands adhere to a more traditional approach of making comfortable, durable athletic shoes. Those who find themselves habitually overcome with choice paralysis or have ripped through yet another pair of Vans may want to look to the east before considering their next sneaker purchase.

Feiyue: Long before Feiyue was French-owned and fashion-forward, the brand’s signature canvas sneaker was a uniform staple among the kung fu masters of 1920s Shanghai. Though the original design is still manufactured in China, most modern day versions found in Europe and North America are a result of rebranding that upped the quality and repositioned the martial arts footwear to be more conducive to, say, strolling the avenues of the Marais. Comfortable and functional—an upcoming gravity defying film, The Flying Project, will depict exactly how airborne the lightweight kicks can be—it is easy to understand why Feiyue has caught on overseas. The brand also landed back in Asia last summer, proving that what goes around does indeed come around.

Warrior: An ancient competitor of Feiyue, Warrior is Shanghai’s other heritage sneaker brand. A pioneer of what is now known as “upcycling,” Warrior footwear originated in 1927 as a means to reclaim excess rubber from tire production. Today, die-hard Warrior wearers can be found all over China sporting their trusty canvas kicks with pride. So timeless is the brand that it has stayed true to its original logo for nearly 75 years. Baring comparison to Feiyue’s recent attainment of street cred, these “Chuck Taylors of China” have skyrocketed in popularity around the world after being re-appropriated by retro sneakerheads more likely to source their court shoes from an underground boutique disguised as a bodega than a Foot Locker at the mall.

Shulong: Much like the aforementioned brands, Shulong also roots itself firmly in the Chinese tradition of comfort and well-being. But, despite its vintage aesthetic, Shulong is actually a relatively new brand. Just three years after French entrepreneur Brice Genin created it, the company has seen international success. Its canvas sneakers are available in a variety of colors, patterns and styles that render its reliable soles far from generic. Playing off the nickname of “The Comfortable Dragon,” Shulong’s website emphasizes the shoes’ versatility through photo sets documenting them in Shanghai, on workers and on bikes. And, like any good modern sneaker brand, the line is also tapping local artists for limited edition collections, the first of which is hand-painted.

Read this online at trendcentral.com.

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My Friends Have Returned

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 8, 2011

The Chinese new year is winding down, meaning that among other things, the Chinese all need to trod back to their meaningless jobs after a frustrating hour or so on the subway, and then return home in the hopes that the Starbucks latee they splurged on, didnt set them back so much that the exciting trip they just ended can be repeated next year.

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Excellent Chinese TV

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 8, 2011

Misery loves company so I will now share with you what uncle Chicom is allowing to be shown now on TV, Its about 8 my time.
First channel- CCTV – news, some old guy with a crappy combover is spouting lies
2- CCTV News- Some fat guy with a shit eating grin is talking about something i dont understand, but it seems boring and untrue
3-CCTV same show other channel
4-CCTV-I think its the military channel, but I’ve wasted five minutes and only seen commercials, all i want to do is post so I will call this the ad channel
5- international movie channel, usually has decent HK flicks and ancient stuff from the US
6-CCTV- some idiotic show where Chinese and foreigners dress up in foolish costumes and try to do stuff like jump on bulls and stuff like that. It has the feel of Hee Haw or something like that, but at least Hee Haw was for comic relief, but this stuff is supposed to make us feel good
7-some channel with Chinese cartoons, surprisingly its set in the 1500’s and each chinese possess the ability to fly and kick ass
8- Chinese ‘professional basketball’, I dont know about the term professional, I have seen these games over the past few days and still havent seen a basket get made yet
9-talk show with a bunch of homely people crowded around a big desk shaped like a tooth. they all look serious and professional, it means they are full of it. Ok, just now they showed clips of Egypt, so I am sure its uncle chicom bemoaning the fate of those who step out of line.
10-channel where they try to peddle you stuff and you phone in to buy
11- ditto
13-TV show where they show fastbreaking news, actually pretty good they have some decent vids of theft, etc. This one is one of their channels i can stomach-but I think it from TW and not here
14- Chinese soap opera, some guy who surprisingly enough has a beard like a lion, but funny thing is i have never seen a Chinese guy with a full beard yet. anyway, this guy can fly around and kick people
ok i am sick of this blog and bored. I know there are a few more channels of equal absurdity and lack of anything to captivate the mind of anyone who is not comatose, so I will end this now……

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On Comments

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 8, 2011

Thanks for all the comments and I am sorry if some have not been displayed, all of them should appear tomorrow. In addition I welcome all you have to say, good or bad about this blog. When putting your comments please tell me your site so I can check it out. Also, if you blogroll me, I would like to thank you and LET ME KNOW IT SO I CAN RECRIPROCATE!
I am cruising around and find cool sites I didnt know existed and they have me blogrolled. Hey, the odds are that if you like my stuff I will like yours, so let me know!

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On the Inside of China Looking Out- WTF

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 8, 2011

The other day I was watching Nat Geo’s special about China and to hear them talk about the ‘center of the universe’- China, and most everyone who has ever lived here is quite different. Although no one can deny China’s meteoric rise, the reality of life here is quite different than they may portray it.
It seems the media likes to glorify China and I am unsure as to why this is. I guess it takes eye-catching headlines to sell papers but they could at least attempt to get to the reality of Chinese life. For instance, in that program they spoke of the ‘Chinese experts’ in some field or another and after living here for any length of time, you can see that those ‘experts’ are patently full of crap. They are they 40-50 year old combovers who, like people of their ilk who my company hires as external consultants, grew up during the cultural revolution and being blessed with not so much as a decent high school education are now experts on things that most ‘experts’ have studied at length and at least have a PhD in its pursuit. But this is China and so in reality these types of people have deep connections and that is it. Thus, for doing business it may be good to have them on your side but for real market intelligence they are worthless.
Also the story talks about Chinese innovation etc. The leading innovator in China, a company with which I am intimately aware, is nothing compared to the level that you can find elsewhere. After reading and watching reports such as this, I shake my head in wonderment. China is not the first country in which I have lived and to be honest, aside from food, I personally dont see anything in which it stands out. As for corruption, it beats Mexico and Brazil and even shoves Paraguay to the side but I guess some places in Africa may be worse. As for prostitution, Dongguan is similar to Rio de Janiero, and for poverty it has places that are a little worse than areas in Bolivia.

The country is large and if it teaches its people to spend money then it will grow until the prices of resources becomes too large causing mass world wide inflation at which time they will be thrust back into chaos and more Chinese will escape from this place and it will find itself back where it was. I really don’t see what all the news of Chinese dominance is talking about. My two cents on the matter…

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Chinese Cracking Down on Prostitution- Reblog

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 8, 2011

Blog post from here. This is funny as it shows how operators of one of China’s ‘pleausre places’ tells its patrons that due to a crackdown it had to move. It then tells them where it will relocate. I guess the cops will not follow them to their new locale.

excerpt from Here:
Some Shenzhen guy posted the following cell shots. They combined display an ad message he received on his cell.

However, it’s nothing but a friendly (oh, maybe not so friendly, as the tone gets slightly menancing at some point) reminder from a sex ring operator, that he has moved his shop from Dongguan to Shenzhen and wishes to serve his old and new customers in the good old way. Unless you are interested to go check their place out, the message is just terribly cute in its own right. Read my translation after the first picture.

Due to the mounting pressure from recent nationwide crackdowns, we have moved our shop to Song Gang Town. But we still keep the Dongguan set of one-stop services. For merely 500 yuan, you can have it all in two hours’ time. All our girls are post-90s, ages ranging from 17 to 22. We welcome you to drop by and enlighten us on whether there is room for improvement.

We love to make spenders happy, but if you ever tried to bring along TV reporters, we guarantee we wouldn’t hestitate much to take your little life. We are afraid of no one because we are connected with very powerful people. Nobody could do a thing about us, except that it’s someone from the Disciplinary Committee of China’s Central Communist Party Commission.

Don’t ask too many questions! Just come and get served. Our place is at Tangtou.Author’s note: Tangtou is one of the wayside villages in Shenzheng that hug the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway

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Chinese Traffic- Pre CNY

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 8, 2011

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