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Chinese Cracking Down on Prostitution- Reblog

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 8, 2011

Blog post from here. This is funny as it shows how operators of one of China’s ‘pleausre places’ tells its patrons that due to a crackdown it had to move. It then tells them where it will relocate. I guess the cops will not follow them to their new locale.

excerpt from Here:
Some Shenzhen guy posted the following cell shots. They combined display an ad message he received on his cell.

However, it’s nothing but a friendly (oh, maybe not so friendly, as the tone gets slightly menancing at some point) reminder from a sex ring operator, that he has moved his shop from Dongguan to Shenzhen and wishes to serve his old and new customers in the good old way. Unless you are interested to go check their place out, the message is just terribly cute in its own right. Read my translation after the first picture.

Due to the mounting pressure from recent nationwide crackdowns, we have moved our shop to Song Gang Town. But we still keep the Dongguan set of one-stop services. For merely 500 yuan, you can have it all in two hours’ time. All our girls are post-90s, ages ranging from 17 to 22. We welcome you to drop by and enlighten us on whether there is room for improvement.

We love to make spenders happy, but if you ever tried to bring along TV reporters, we guarantee we wouldn’t hestitate much to take your little life. We are afraid of no one because we are connected with very powerful people. Nobody could do a thing about us, except that it’s someone from the Disciplinary Committee of China’s Central Communist Party Commission.

Don’t ask too many questions! Just come and get served. Our place is at Tangtou.Author’s note: Tangtou is one of the wayside villages in Shenzheng that hug the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway

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