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Chinese Growing Weed

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 8, 2011

From the Sentinel. Three Chinese are jailed for growing weed in the UK. It sounds like they were part of a large grow op. It makes no mention if these women were the leaders or merely foot soldiers, but they got caught and will do time. I remember seeing something about foreigners doing this in China. I think the foreigners got killed for a similar offence, but these women look like they will only get 2 years in the pokey and do half that time.

Chinese trio jailed for growing 3,600 cannabis plants worth £1.2m

THREE Chinese women haven been jailed for growing thousands of cannabis plants worth more than £1 million.Youyin Lin, Mei Guo and Xiaoying Wu admitted being “gardeners” at a warehouse off Sutherland Road, Longton.

Prosecutor Nick Tatlow yesterday told Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court police went to the modern warehouse behind the Aynsley China building at 6pm on October 11.

Inside they found 3,650 cannabis plants being grown in pots.

“There was lighting and ventilation and the set-up required plants to be watered and fed manually,” said Mr Tatlow. “There was also a living area and the three women were found inside.”

Mr Tatlow said the set-up was capable of yielding three crops of high quality cannabis, known as skunk, a year.He said each crop would have had an estimated yield of about 135 kilograms.

“This facility was capable of producing about 400 kilograms of such cannabis per annum, which amounts to a little over £4 million,” said Mr Tatlow.

“The wholesale value would have been very much less, about £1.2 million.”

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Chinese Commerce

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 8, 2011

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Innovation and China’s Vicious Circle

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 8, 2011

China does not innovate, full stop. Ok, put down your mouse before you try and tell me how Huawei, that one Chinese company run by some guy who became a communist back in ’78 and was an officer in the Chinese Red Army, has scores of patents. Yes they do, but educate yourself on patents, their application and use. I am no freaking expert, but I own a patent here in the center of misery so I kinda understand how they work.
Anyway back to the subject at hand, innovation. Solar power you say? Wrong, Although China produces tons of solar power devices, the top tech is from the USA and the next is from Europe. China’s own addition to the tech of solar power is what as known as ‘dumb collectors’ which basically use the suns heat to raise water temp to around 5-10 above ambient. I am not minimzing their accomplishment and congratulate them on this, but I happen to know some people in the industry and was surpised to learn that they are not , in effect, leaders in the field, nor are they close.
What is my point? What I am saying is that Chinese are not innovators and will not be so. They are known for stealing tech, copying it and reproducing a dumbed down version for less money, I give credit to Chinese who can start a business out of an eraser and coffee can, they are ingenious in that way, but innovative, I think not.
The reason is that Chinese are caught in a vicious circle of love and hate. They love foreign stuff and hate chinese goods- usually with good reason. Thus, they will try to make their goods look foreign, even if it means putting horrible English translations on an obviously Chinese product. The impact is that in their attempt to look good, they look outside, they steal and copy and thus can never overcome.
Look at the internet space. The ‘net ddnt’ get big till the late 90’s and by then China had been open for 20 years, so there is no historical legacy upon which to blame their impotence in this field. But what has China done ? They have knockoffs of all the major us companies. They have their youtube, yahoo, twitter etc.
Therein lies the rub. As more Chinese go overseas, they merely gather good ideas then bring them back here to sell as vanguard goods. 99% of all Chinese who have never left hop on the new goods with gusto. The result is that Chinese do not need to invent as by merely stealing others things and or copy8ng them, is good enough to provide for a good living.
They are like that one little guy (sysiphus? sp) who rolled the ball up the hill only to get to the top and have to run back down, the ball following him)

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