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China Filing a Lot of Patent Aps – But Their Uni’s are Still Shit

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 10, 2011

I am cutting this little gem from the diseased annuls of the chinadaily.com . The whole article was nothing more than typical drivel about how some Chinese deity named pan gu, who was Chinese btw, started the whole universe and because he was Chinese he made a butt load of little Chinese to inhabit the little place he called slgnbok which in his native tongue means ‘place where only the Chinese will rule’. Oh but I digress,,

oh yeah the article was talking about how china is filing a ton of patent applications etc. This is no real secret as the Chinese are good at taking a patent you have, and then ‘smothering it’ with their own. For instance, you patent flashing lights for the roof of a car , and then they will box in your patent with all possible uses of the lights- this is legal and common. But anyway, the piece I cut out says that although China has over 22% of the worlds population, they still do not invent anything and their universities still suck- read below.

chinadaily excerpt:
“”Yet none of the Chinese universities has entered into the top patent-filing university ranking, which is dominated by universities from the United States and other developed economies.”

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