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Safely Home- Randy Alcorn

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 10, 2011

This is an excerpt from the book Safely Home (Randy Alcorn)
I got the book for free on amazon.com or get it on your Kindle

“…of Christians are in jail. Often they’re beaten and humiliated. If someone says to you, `Religious freedom in China is like this,’ don’t believe him. That is like saying, `The weather in America is like this-always sunny or always snowing.’ It depends on what part of the country you are in, and what season. In China the sun is always shining somewhere. Somewhere else the snow is falling. But the government is capable of magic-they can take you to places where it is usually snowing and show you a glimpse of sunlight so that you can go back and say there is no snow in China. You can write your column or say from your pulpit that you saw no persecution, only freedom. You are telling the truth-but a truth that misleads.”

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