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An American in China

Chinese Civility and Subways

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 12, 2011

Friday I was on the subway as usual and aside from the villagers returning to the city with their huge bags, the thing was filled with much more “civil folks”. One such guy was decked out in his best fake Polo shirt beneath a faux Addidas jacket. In front of the guy were probably half a dozen villagers inside the door as the car was packed to the brim. The guy got a running start and elbowed his way in, swinging his tiny fists like a Bowery street brawler. Upon entering he turned to the side and spotted me, a foreigner. Embarrassed he turned his eyes away and we rode on. At the next stop, Chinese, being Chinese pushed, shoved, and cursed as they plunged into the maws of the subway car. This guy who not seconds before had been clawing savagely in order to get in, now rolled his eyes at his Chinese brethren and their uncivil behavior. Looking at me he sighed and uttered, “Oh my gawd”. and shook his head disdainfully.

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