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Chinadaily Reports that Nationally up to 10% of China’s Rice is Toxic!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 15, 2011

A report from Shanghai states that 10% of the rice sold in national markets is tainted with heavy metals like cadmium. Apparently this toxc metal can cause muculo-skeletal problems (see excerpt below). I guess it is no wonder all the communist officials and others want to send their kids to anyplace but China. China faces so many challenges , from the ecological to the political that its like a soap opera. As an even more bothersome aside, it has been reported that in southern China, the percentage of toxic rice is around 60%.
“SHANGHAI – Recent research has concluded that 10 percent of the rice sold in national markets is likely to be tainted with heavy metals….The report comes from the Nanjing Agricultural University’s Institute of Resource……After taking samples of 91 kinds of rice collected from markets in six agricultural regions in China in 2007, researchers found 10 percent of the rice samples was laced with cadmium – a heavy metal that is associated with high blood pressure, bone fractures and pain…. according to a report in Century Weekly magazine’s Feb 14 issue….
.The research team, led by Professor Pan Genxing, sallied forth again in 2008, this time concentrating on the country’s southern region. It found that over 60 percent of the rice samples it took were tainted with cadmium. In some samples, the cadmium level was equal to five times of the legal maximum.”

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