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Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 15, 2011

A report from a company, (typically Chinese reports are pretty useless, but I will use the info anyway) 180 000 000 Chinese are looking for love. Before I go on, I must explain. “Looking for love” in China really means finding someone who has a home or can purchase you one. In addition, they must past muster with your folks who, battle hardened by the cultural revolution and great leap forward have no concept of what the word love means.
Thus, lets restate this as 180 000 000 Chinese people are looking to cohabitate with other people who will cause their parents the least discomfort. Upon finding this person, they will then enter into a loveless marriage and shuck out a little child who annoyingly enough to the parents will receive more love then they did. After this, the child must grow up and support them.

The report also states that 80 000 000 Chinese parents are badgering their kids to tie the knot as their unease with the inflation and all in China is causing them no small concern.

Ok bored now

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